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DfE-Approved Frameworks

DfE-Approved Frameworks

We are pleased to announce that our range of Department for Education (DfE) approved frameworks has expanded! 

The DfE offers approved frameworks as a service to help school buying professionals source goods, get value for money and comply with relevant procurement regulations. Our own frameworks are designed with the same goals in mind; we are thrilled that this is being recognised on an increasing number of our frameworks.

We now have DfE-approved frameworks across the following categories:

No matter what category, each of our frameworks offer the following benefits:


Free to access


Call-off and further competition frameworks available 


Compliant with UK procurement legislation

Suppliers are assessed for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical and professional ability

We understand that running a school is no easy job and challenges can crop up at any time, particularly when it comes to procurement, so our aim is always to make things as easy as possible for you!

“We’re very proud that the DfE has recognised a number of our frameworks.

Our objective is to ensure that our customers benefit from achieving best value, an excellent service and price stability and we are delighted to be supporting schools across the country through access to our procurement solutions.”

- Gary Ford, Head of Commercial, ESPO