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With countless regulations, fragmented processes and increasingly tight budgets, sourcing high quality goods and services is becoming increasingly difficult for the education sector; with ESPO’s procurement solutions all the hard work has been done for you to ensure that the process is a smooth as possible.

We’ve collated a group of our most popular and relevant frameworks that provide access to quality-checked suppliers that meet all UK procurement regulations – helping to save you time and money.  




On this page, you will find frameworks from the following categories: 

Food & Catering 




Sports & Leisure

Documents & IT 

Waste & Environment

Food and Catering

Our frameworks offer a variety of options to help you provide healthy, nutritious meals within your education environment. Canteen services, fresh and frozen food and consultancy services are just a few of the options that you can explore.

Catering Services 


Provides access to a wide range of suppliers to help meet your requirements.

Suppliers can offer a variety of different catering provisions from dining room and canteen style services. They can also offer a range of service models including onsite or offsite preparation, service and consumption.

Suppliers can provide assistance with marketing, reducing costs and maximising the meal uptake.

Grocery, Frozen and Fresh Foods


Offers an extensive range of food including grocery and chilled provisions, frozen foods, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.

Suppliers can offer products to suit special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free, lactose free and halal.  

All suppliers’ food safety accreditations are monitored throughout the lifetime of the framework.

Procurement and Contract Management Support for Catering Services


Provides specialist suppliers who can support you in conducting a further competition through ESPO framework 704.

Assistance can be tailored to your needs e.g. reviewing tender documents or conducting a further completion.

Offers support in the management of your supplier, looking at KPIs/SLAs, cost and efficiency identification.


Explore our Department for Education approved frameworks:


There is so much to be considered when designing, constructing and maintaining buildings for the education sector. Whether it’s new, old or something in between, a clean, safe and inspiring environment can lay a solid foundation for success. Our Buildings frameworks can support you with everything from cleaning solutions to advice and management.

Total Cleaning Solutions 


Provides access to a range of service providers who will accommodate your cleaning specifications.

Includes general cleaning, window cleaning and deep cleaning – including the removal of graffiti and chewing gum.

Includes the purchase/rental of HPV and UPC decontaminations systems on an ongoing, reactive or scheduled basis.

Washroom Services (Including Clinical Waste And Matting)


Provides access to several suppliers offering washroom services.

Includes collection and disposal of sanitary and medical waste.

Includes washroom equipment and consumables, including hand dryer rental.

Property Building & Infrastructure Advice & Management Services


Provides a quick and simple route to property advice and management services.

Could be used for projects such as new builds, major repairs due to fire or vandalism, compliance (e.g. gaining planning permission) or cost management.

Can be used for invoice checking.

Electricity (191)

ESPO can provide supporting data for completion of Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).


ESPO has an in-house team dedicated to supporting organisations with all aspects of our Energy frameworks. From onboarding through to site additions and transfers, you can be sure that support and guidance is just a phone call away. We know how important honesty and transparency is to ensure that clear communication is achieved across the board.



ESPO acts as an intermediary to buy electricity in the wholesale market on your behalf.

A single school will pay the same commodity price as multiple site customers.

Experts are available to talk to key stakeholders including Trustees and Governors.

Specialists in working with multi-academy trusts to manage suppliers and contract end dates to transfer the portfolio, align contract end dates and provide greater visibility and control.



ESPO acts as an intermediary to buy electricity in the wholesale market on your behalf.

A single school will pay the same commodity price as multiple site customers.

Experts are available to talk to key stakeholders including Trustees and Governors.

Specialists in working with multi-academy trusts to manage suppliers and contract end dates to transfer the portfolio, align contract end dates and provide greater visibility and control.


Libraries play a central role in supporting development within education and allow students, teachers, mentors and the public to access materials needed to progress. Our frameworks provide access to books, eBooks and audiobooks from top name suppliers, allowing you to create a broad and inspiring resource centre.

Books, eBooks and Audiobooks 


Provides access to a huge variety of books and eBooks, suitable for everything from making a single purchase to restocking an entire library.

Discounts available from main publishers such as Hachette, Harper Collins, OUP and Penguin to name a few.

Now includes eBooks and Audiobooks from suppliers who have been selected for their ability to provide modern digital lending platforms.

Sports and Leisure 

Sport teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and communication in schools. Combined with leisure facilities for downtime, it makes an important contribution to any education setting. Through our frameworks you can access sports surfaces, facilities, natural play, synthetic grass and much more. 

Outdoor Playground, Fitness and Sports Facilities 


Allows the purchase of the design, supply, delivery, installation, maintenance and inspection of a range of outdoor equipment.

Covers everything from outdoor playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment and sports surfaces and facilities to 3G football pitches, long jump facilities and tennis courts.

Includes specific Lot for bespoke designed play equipment.

Documents & IT 

As IT becomes more engrained in our education system, it can be a huge task to procure and upkeep all the equipment needed alongside everything needed for day to day administration tasks. Our Documents and IT frameworks provide access to market leading suppliers that cover everything from multifunctional devices to laptops and iPads to cloud solutions.

Provides a single route to market for a broad range of technologies and services.

Include large service providers and SME's that can offer everything from one off purchases to a new build to a long-term partnership.

Includes the supply of iPads, AV Equipment and laptops.

Provides an easy route to MFDs, managed print services, print consultancy services, technical resources, digital workflow and cloud solutions.

Designed with all-inclusive, fixed pricing meaning there are no hidden costs.

Market leading suppliers are available. 


"I found the whole process very straightforward. The supporting information provided gave us all we needed to ensure that the process went smoothly and our new contract is now in place." 

W.Wiggett - Honeybourne First School Academy - Catering Services (704).

Waste & Environment

With everything to consider from general waste to medical waste, education organisations have a legal duty to dispose of waste correctly and provide the right facilities for young people. Our waste and environment frameworks provide a variety of services to ensure your organisation is kept clean and safe.

Non-domestic Community Waste and Recycling Collection And Disposal Services 


Provides a simple, reliable and competitive route to procuring waste and recycling collection and disposal services.

Regular, ad-hoc and emergency collection services are available.

A process has been put in place to assure you cannot be automatically charged for overweight bins, the weight must be monitored over a set time period.

Grounds Maintenance Services


Provides access to suppliers providing a wide range of grounds maintenance services.

Offers regular maintenance of grassed areas, hard landscape areas and sports facilities as well as disposal of rubbish, rubble, leaves etc.

Can provide the removal of snow and gritting of walkways and carparks.

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