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Catering Services

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Providing a competitive route to catering services for public sector settings, with this framework you can ensure to implement services that suit your organisation.

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Under this particular framework agreement, to be compliant, you are required to carry out a further competition exercise. There are two routes to do this:

1. Conduct the further competition using ESPO’s templates and guidance.

2. Use our complimentary framework: 704C - Procurement and Contract Management Support which offers specialist catering procurement suppliers who can support your needs and assist in conducting your further competition.

Lot 1 Education Catering

Education Catering covers the provision of Catering Services to education establishments including primary schools, secondary schools, special schools, nurseries, academies, colleges, universities, technical schools/colleges and/or any other public sector learning institutions. Also covered by this Lot are ‘holiday food programmes’ for those looking to provide meals meeting the School Meal Standards in the holiday periods. Further competition documents for this Lot are available under the 'Get Started' section.

Lot 2 Social Care Catering

Social Care Catering covers the provision of Catering Services to all types of social care and health establishments including care homes, charities and home delivery meal services. Please contact the Food Team for Lot 2 further competition documents, once you have completed the online Access & Confidentiality Agreement.

Lot 3 Public Sector Catering

Public Sector Catering covers a range of different customer types including Pubic Sector workplaces, art galleries, museums, leisure centres, country parks, historic buildings, concert halls, conference venues, training centres, exhibition centres, theatres, stadia, emergency services establishments, healthcare establishments, prisons and other Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defence establishments. Please contact the Food Team for Lot 3 further competition documents, once you have completed the online Access & Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Suppliers can offer a variety of different catering provisions from dining room and canteen style services.
  • They can also offer a range of service models including onsite or offsite preparation, service and consumption.
  • Suppliers can provide assistance with marketing, reducing costs and maximising meal uptake.
  • A.B.M. Catering Limited
  • Accent Catering Services Limited
  • AiP
  • Aramark
  • Aspens Services Limited
  • Catering Academy
  • BD Group
  • BaxterStorey
  • Caterlink
  • Caterplus
  • CH & CO Catering Limited
  • Radish
  • Cleverchefs Ltd
  • Compass Contract Services (UK) Ltd
  • Cucina Restaurants Ltd
  • Derbyshire County Council Catering Service
  • Dolce Limited
  • Ecolog International UK Limited
  • Edwards & Ward Limited
  • Elior UK Plc
  • Harrison Catering Services Ltd
  • Hertfordshire Catering Limited (HCL)
  • Hertfordshire Independent Living Service
  • Hutchison Catering
  • Icare
  • Innovate Services Ltd
  • Juniper Pursuits
  • Lunchtime Company Ltd
  • Mellors Catering Services Limited
  • Midshire Catering Services Limited
  • Miquill Catering Limited
  • Miquill South Ltd
  • Norse Commercial Services
  • North Tyneside Council
  • North Yorkshire County Caterers
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Orian Solutions Ltd
  • Pabulum
  • Relish School Food
  • Shire Services
  • Sodexo Ltd
  • Stir Food Ltd
  • Stoke-on-Trent City Council t/a City Catering
  • The Pantry [UK] Limited
  • Vertas Group Limited
  • Signature Dining Ltd

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Catering Services

Key Facts
Framework 704_22
Start Date 02/09/2022
End Date 31/08/2024
Extension Option 31/08/2026
Contract Notice 2022/S 000-012083
Award Notice 2022/S 000-027079
Procurement Type Further Competition