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Electricity (for supply during 2024 - 2028)

Status: Active
A framework for the supply of electricity for non-half hourly, half hourly metered and unmetered supplies with ESPO acting as an intermediary to buy electricity in the wholesale market on your behalf. During this time, our Energy team can be contacted in the usual way, by emailing If you have a gas or electricity emergency, please see our key frameworks page for contact details.

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Supply of electricity (Half-Hourly, Non-Half Hourly, Metered and Non-Metered Supply)

  • Total Energies Gas and Power Ltd

If you’d like to contact us, quote reference no. 191_24 and enquire at;

Rowena Reid Rowena Reid 07747 868021

Or alternatively use the form below:

Electricity (for supply during 2024 - 2028)

Key Facts
Reference no. 191_24
Start Date 01/10/2024
End Date 30/09/2028
Procurement Type Direct Award