At ESPO we understand that as a Public-Sector Buying Organisation we have a duty to support the global drive towards a greener, sustainable future.

This is an ongoing mission that we are committed to and we’re continuously developing our processes and policies to support our sustainability plans.

We know we already have great procedures in place, but we also know that there is always more we can do to help improve and communicate our good practices to our stakeholders.

Our pledge:

  • Procure goods and services, under UK procurement directives, in a responsible manner, which delivers best value solutions for our customers
  • Guide and support our customers and wider stakeholders, in how they can best use ESPO’s services, to support their own sustainability goals.
  • Reduce our impact on the environment, within our own business premises, consider our impacts of operation through our supply chain and support our customers with sustainably sourced alternatives to their purchase requirements.
Our commitment to a sustainable future depends upon the engagement of our suppliers, manufacturers, employees and customers and we value input from each and every one of our stakeholders.

Steps we have taken so far include:

  • We're partnered with the Social Value Portal, which allows us to measure and manage contributions that ESPO and our supply chain makes to society and encourages our framework suppliers to measure the added value offered to communities, the economy, and their overall environmental impact reductions.
  • Investment in our site in areas of recycling and sustainable energy solutions in advance of our ‘zero to landfill’ ambitions and in line with our ‘switch it off’ policy.
  • Continuous improvement of our fleet management, undergoing regular reviews for vehicle efficiency, delivery reductions and driver training.
  • Embedding sustainability across our internal teams with a Sustainability Champion acting on behalf of each of their areas to help drive change and promote best practice across ESPO.

Our sustainability ambitions are far reaching and ongoing.

We will update this information as we continue to work with our stakeholders.


Frameworks for sustainability

As we strive towards net zero, there are so many ways in which we can make small changes that will go on to make a big difference. We know that we have a duty to support the global drive towards a greener, more sustainable future and so we have collated a group of our most popular frameworks and products to help. View our collection here