ESPO PartnershipsESPO Partnerships

ESPO is proud to work in partnership with the following organisations:

BESA - Member

ESPO are an official member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA). BESA is a trade association who work on behalf of their members to support UK-based companies that supply goods and services to the education sector. This includes lobbying Government and decision-makers on policy issues, providing information, training and advice and provide marketing opportunities and savings for BESA members in the UK and internationally.

Social Value Portal - Partner

ESPO have partnered with the Social Value Portal to help drive change within the public sector by building social value into our framework solutions for the benefit of our customers and the communities they serve.

Through working with the Social Value Portal, our suppliers and our customers, we aim to help public bodies across the UK realise the benefits social value can bring to their communities and to make the process of incorporating and measuring social value more accessible within public sector procurement.

Crown Commercial Service - Collaborative Partner

We collaborate with Crown Commercial Service (and a number of other public sector procurement organisations) on a number of frameworks for the benefit of central and local government. Collaboration brings together both procurement expertise and category expertise, resulting in better solutions for central and local government.

Department for Education - Approved Frameworks

ESPO have a range of Department for Education (DfE) approved frameworks. The DfE offers approved frameworks as a service to help school buying professionals source goods, get value for money and comply with relevant procurement regulations. Our own frameworks are designed with the same goals in mind, and we are thrilled that this continuously being recognised on an increasing number of our frameworks.

BESA - British Educational Suppliers AssociationBESA - British Educational Suppliers Association
Social Value PortalSocial Value Portal
Crown Commercial ServiceCrown Commercial Service
Department for Education - Approved FrameworksDepartment for Education - Approved Frameworks