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Supplier Feature: Could a digital bridge help you to extend the life of your analogue equipment?

Supplier Feature: Could a digital bridge help you to extend the life of your analogue equipment?

What is a digital switchover ?

The digital switchover has already begun, and is scheduled to be completed by December 2025. This means the old analogue telephone network will be turned off and upgraded to services using digital technology to provide a more reliable and dependable service throughout the UK. Due to this, telecare services that relied on the old analogue landlines will need be switched over to the digital technology so that the operation can continue. Already, 1 in 10 emergency calls from analogue telecare equipment are impacted by the digital upgrade of the UKs telecoms network.

Find out more about the digital switchover here.


Do I have to immediately change all of my analogue kit to digital for the switch over?

You may be concerned by the belief you must upgrade your entire analogue units all at once and as soon as possible. This can be of particular concern as the upgrade is often a significant investment and you don’t necessarily have the time to look for the best solution, with the 2025 digital switchover date looming.

If you are in this position, a digital bridge may be the solution for you.  It will enable you to buy more time, while overcoming the issues analogue equipment is already facing with the digital upgrade.


So what is a digital bridge?

The digital bridge simply takes the analogue communication sent by the onsite equipment, converts it into a British Standards approved digital protocol and diverts it back to the digital monitoring centre in a language they completely understand. Eventually a full digital equipment upgrade will be required to reap the full benefits of the digital switchover, but a digital bridge is a great method of ‘buying time’, without leaving the service user with an unreliable service.


Fully compliant

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Trusted suppliers

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Our Technology Enabled Care Products and Services framework (203), offers specialist Lots and a range of suppliers, which can support with a solution that may buy you some time in getting ready for the digital switchover. Appello offers the digital bridge solution, under ESPO's Framework 203. 

If you would like further information on the framework (203), please contact 0116 294 4008 or