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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing (2023)

Status: Active

Provides customers with the supply of a comprehensive range of PPE & clothing including workwear, schoolwear and body armour.

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Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing

Lot 2 Corporate Wear

Lot 3 Healthcare Workwear

Lot 4 Schoolwear

Lot 5 Emergency Services Workwear

Lot 5.1 Firefighter Workwear

Lot 5.2 Police Workwear

Lot 5.3 Ambulance and Paramedic Workwear

Lot 5.4 Paramedic Cycle Workwear

Lot 6 Body Armour

  • Offers, but is not limited to, PPE and clothing, corporate workwear, health & social care workwear and much more.
  • Contains supplier price lists, meaning you can purchase directly without the need to run a further competition (unless you wish to do so).
  • Wide range of high-quality, pre-approved suppliers to ensure only the best service.
  • Alsico Laucuba Ltd t/a Meltemi
  • Arco Ltd
  • Arden Winch & Co Ltd
  • Bunzl UK Ltd t/a Greenham
  • Burlington Uniforms Ltd
  • CG Retail Ltd
  • Chelmsford Safety Supplies Ltd
  • Clad Safety Ltd
  • Contego Safety Solutions Ltd
  • Cooneen Defence Ltd
  • Den-Co-Wear Ltd
  • DSTO Ltd t/a Head2Toe Workwear
  • DTS Trading Inc Ltd
  • Eagle Technical Products Ltd
  • Endura Ltd
  • Evolve Corporate Ltd t/a PK Safety
  • FlamePro Global Ltd
  • Grahame Gardner Ltd
  • Healthy Bean Ltd
  • Ilasco Ltd
  • Involution Ltd
  • Ioma Clothing Company Ltd
  • John Astley & Sons Ltd
  • Lion Safety Ltd
  • MI Hub Ltd
  • Nalestar Ltd
  • NextGen Clothing Ltd
  • Niton Equipment Ltd
  • PJD Safety Supplies Ltd
  • PWS
  • Rushton Workwear Ltd
  • Safariland UK Ltd
  • Safpro Industrial Supply Co
  • SMI Int Group Ltd
  • Special Wear UK Ltd
  • Sunbelt Rentals Limited
  • The Rizues Ltd
  • Trutex Ltd
  • UKR General Trading Ltd
  • Uniform Express Ltd
  • Westbury Industrial Supplies Ltd
  • WISE Worksafe Ltd
  • WM Sugden & Sons Ltd

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Clothing (2023)

Key Facts
Framework 144_23
Start Date 21/11/2023
End Date 20/11/2025
Extension Option 20/11/2027
Contract Notice 2023/S 000-018108
Award Notice 2024/S 000-001834
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition