Frameworks for Housing AssociationsFrameworks for Housing Associations

We know that Housing Associations across the United Kingdom share the same goal - to provide affordable homes and support for local communities. There are many challenges within the sector including housing availability, supporting tenants and staffing and supply issues, so the need for quick, efficient and trustworthy resources is essential.

Providing social and shared home ownership, rented accommodation, supported and specialist homes and building new homes are invaluable tasks, all while developing additional services such as training, youth schemes and community hubs - so it’s no wonder that your time and budget are precious


We’ve collated a group of our most popular and relevant frameworks that can help save you time and effort, leaving you extra resource to focus on your front line services.


On this page, you will find frameworks from the following categories: 


Fleet & Highways


Documents & IT 

Waste & Environment

People & Professional Services


Housing Associations have a duty to keep their accommodation safe for tenants. Responsibilities can include repairs to gas appliances, heating and hot water, plumbing, electrics and structural damage. This, combined with health and safety regulations, means maintenance requires a great deal of time and resources. Our Buildings frameworks provide access to everything from a full facilities management solution to specialist cleaning services.

Total Facilities Management


Provides access to over 90 services covering everything from security and maintenance pest control and specialist services.

Lots are structured by customer spend to ensure access to the right level of suppliers.

Offers individual services or a total facilities management solution.

Total Cleaning Solutions 


Provides access to a range of flexible suppliers that can tailor their offering to your requirements.

Services include general, deep, specialist and window cleaning services.

Includes the option to purchase or lease decontaminations systems for HPV and UVC.

Washroom Services (Including Clinical Waste And Matting)


Delivers access to several suppliers offering washroom services.

Includes medical, sanitary, nappy and offensive waste services.

Includes washroom equipment and consumables, including hand dryer rental.

"We find working with ESPO and their Total Facilities Management framework a seamless and efficient platform for tendering; providing clear communications and easy to follow documentation!"

Vertas, ESPO Supplier.


ESPO have an in-house team dedicated to supporting organisations in all aspects of our Energy frameworks. From onboarding through to site additions and transfers, you can be sure that support and guidance are just a phone call away. We know how important honesty and transparency is to ensure that clear communication is achieved across the board.



ESPO acts as an intermediary to buy electricity in the wholesale market on your behalf.

Our team will work with you to align the contract end dates of your entire portfolio.

Contract based on a fixed supplier margin for contract length.



ESPO acts as an intermediary to buy gas in the wholesale market on your behalf.

A single supplier with a proven track record for consistency and clarity.

Contract based on a fixed supplier margin for contract length.

Fleet and Highway

Increasing pressure to switch to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles can leave you in a bit of a predicament. Balancing the task of implementing electric vehicles while meeting organisational demands can be tricky as some vehicles, such as large panel vans, are not readily available on the electric market yet. Our Fleet and Highway frameworks offer the best of both worlds; electric focused frameworks to help with progression while more traditional frameworks are there to bridge the gap.

Vehicle Charging  


Offers access to a vast range of vehicle charging infrastructure solutions from well-known suppliers.

Includes specific Lot for service and maintenance and consultancy services.

Includes specific emerging technology Lot featuring market leaders in the bus and opportunity charger market.

Vehicle Hire


For the rental of a variety of generic vehicles such as cars, minibuses and HGV vehicles, on a short to medium term basis.

The rental of vehicles can assist in reducing ‘grey fleet’ usage.

New vehicle types, such as electric, can be hired on a short term basis before committing to purchase or long term lease.

"ESPO Framework 636 has enabled Pod Point to install EV charging points across the UK for clients across councils, healthcare, housing and the education sector in an efficient and competitive manner."

Pod Point, ESPO supplier. 

Documents & IT 

ESPO has a range of IT solutions designed to provide the latest hardware and software to help your organisation with every day, resource-intensive duties. We also have frameworks to support organisations with their digitisation journey including document storage and scanning as well as postal solutions and managed print services.

Provides access to a range of document management solutions including consultancy, deep storage and scanning of old and rare documents.

Includes Lot dedicated to enhanced handling and security requirements – ideal for sensitive data.

Suppliers comply with a range of accreditations including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Offers a huge range of hardware and software from market leading suppliers.

Managed aggregation opportunities are available to achieve buying power.

Preferential pricing agreements are negotiated on your behalf.

Offers an enhanced, extensive range of mailroom equipment and software including the latest technologies to ultimately reduce physical mail.

Increase the security of incoming and outbound communications through options like screening services and hybrid mail.

Includes efficiency reviews and consultancy services to help optimize postal strategy. 

Provides a range of hardware and services including MFDs, managed print services, technical resources, and consultancy services.

Designed with digital strategies in mind, it offers cloud solutions and workflow management for digital transitions.

Access to the latest hardware, software and services through market-leading suppliers.

Waste & Environment

Waste can be a challenge for Housing Associations, with the safety of the local community, and often vulnerable people, to think about it’s important to dispose of waste in a responsible manner. Our Waste and Environment frameworks can support in the collection and disposal of everything from general waste and recycling to hazardous and washroom waste.

Non-domestic Community Waste and Recycling Collection And Disposal Services 


Offers route to most common waste and recycling services as well as a food waste service.

Regular, ad-hoc and emergency collection services are available.

A process has been put in place to assure you cannot be automatically charged for overweight bins, the weight must be monitored over a set time period.

Specialist Waste Services including Hazardous Waste


Provides the collection and disposal of various wastes e.g. dry mixed waste, green waste and hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste collection may include cleaning chemicals, paint tins, pesticides and illicit waste such as illegal drugs and alcohol.

Option for collection and disposal of waste and furniture from site clearances such as houses, offices or educational establishments.

Framework 379's food collection service can help you to reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly by diverting food waste from landfill!

Top tip

People & Professional Services 

Running a successful Housing Association can take an army of people! From customer services and administration to housing and neighbourhood officers to senior management, each person plays a vital role in keeping the organisation running and ultimately providing much needed services to local areas. Our People and Professional Services frameworks offer a variety of amenities that can ensure your employees are looked after and have access to all the information they need to thrive within their roles.

Strategic HR


Provides a wide range of HR services including temporary and permanent recruitment.

Suppliers range from large recruitment companies to smaller specialist agencies, including international recruitment.

Direct award option is available for urgent requirements.

Consultancy Services 


Obtain trustworthy advice from suppliers about areas such as housing and housing support, social care and health and safety.

Multiple strategic project services available and the option to utilise suppliers that offer multidisciplinary services.

Framework has over 170 suppliers across 10 specialist Lots.

Occupational Health Services


Offers a range of occupational health services focusing on the health, safety and welfare of employees.

Includes services such as pre-employment checks, immunisation programmes and workplace assessments.

Can provide trauma and critical incident support. 

Managed Training Services 


Offers a quick and simple route to accessing managed training services.

Includes Lot designed to appoint a single supplier to manage training requirements and ultimately streamline the process.

A separate Lot is designed to provide learning management systems to support administration, tracking, reporting etc.

Each of our frameworks have a dedicated contact, making it quick and easy for you to get in touch with the right person. You'll find this person under the 'Get Help' tab on the individual framework webpages. 

For general enquires or further support please contact