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Find out more about Ready Meals (58)

Find out more about Ready Meals (58)

What does this framework cover ?

This framework offers a simple and competitive route for a variety of single-portion and multi-portion meal component frozen ready meals including main meals, side dishes, desserts and sweet and savoury sauces. Includes meal options that cater to specific dietary requirements, and meals that meet International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation. 

This framework offers 2 lots


Includes a wide variety of choice across all Lots including meat, pasta and fish choices.

Caters to specific dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, halal, children’s meals, and healthier choice meals.

Offers meals that meet International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation.

Pre agreed call-off terms that offer ease of use and protection for users of the framework.

Suppliers have relevant in-date third-party food safety accreditation

Social value was assessed as part of the award criteria allowing benefits to be obtained for both direct awards and further competitions.


Fully compliant

All frameworks are compliant with UK procurement regulations, making the process stress-free and efficient, ensuring you have peace of mind.

Trusted suppliers

Customer satisfaction, finances, social values and much more are checked prior to awarding service providers a position on our frameworks.

If you would like further information on this framework, please contact Charlotte Springthrope on 0116 294 4008 or