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Discover our Conscious Choice collection

Discover our Conscious Choice collection

At ESPO, we understand that sustainability can mean different things to everybody and as part of our drive to a greener future, we want to support our customers with their own sustainability goals and objectives. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated range containing recycled, reusable and sustainably sourced and manufactured resources to help make environmentally friendly shopping that little bit easier.

To help you find the right products for your organisation, we've created seven key categories within our Conscious Choice collection and highlighted some of the range below:

Why are these products part of our Conscious Choice range?

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    Post-it® Recycled Notes
    As low as £9.05 Regular Price £18.05 ex VAT


These Post-it notes are made from PEFC certified fibres that contain 100% of post-consumer waste.

Made from 100% recycled paper fibres and cardboard.

Comes in an eco efficient bulk dispenser with no individual plastic wrapping of pads.

Guaranteed unbleached and undyed cardboard that contains 70% of post-consumer waste.


Bioglitter is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter.

Uses plant derived material, primarily sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating PEFC™ standards, as it's basis.

Biodegrades into harmless substances in the natural environment.

92% plastic free, marine and waste water biodegradable.

The frames are made almost entirely from timber industry by-products
The pin board is made from recycled plastics
Plastic free multipens
The packaging is recyclable
Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
Fully recyclable