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Keeping up to date with the Procurement Act

Keeping up to date with the Procurement Act

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April 2024

The Procurement Regulations 2024 were recently introduced in Parliament in March 2024. This statutory instrument (SI), a type of secondary legislation, extends the powers outlined in the Procurement Act 2023. It adds more specifics to different parts of the new procurement rules. This additional guidance will assist ESPO and other contracting authorities in understanding how the Act applies. For instance, it includes lists of goods and services that qualify for simplified procedures and details on Transparency Notices' content and relevance.

To aid stakeholders in preparing for the Act, the Cabinet Office will release guidance documents addressing all areas of the new regime. These documents will encompass various topics including covered procurement, pre-market engagement, award rules, exclusions, and contract modifications. The aim is to offer technical guidance to assist in interpreting and understanding the new regime. The guidance will be rolled out in stages over the upcoming months. 

As part of ESPO's preparations for the new Procurement Act implementation our procurement teams are undertaking extensive and regular training. This will mean that our teams are equipped with the latest knowledge about the new Act so we can help and guide our customers through these new processes. Rest assured that all of ESPO's procurement solutions will continue to be compliant with all relevant procurement legislation.

The official launch date for the regulations is scheduled for October 28 2024. Any procurement contracts/decisions starting after this date will be under the new regulations. 

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We have collated a range of information including key provisions and implications of the Procurement Act 2023, emphasisng its impact on public sector procurement processes, the requirements for transparency, competition, and compliance with new regulations. 

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