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Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (TePAS 2) 

Status: Active

This framework provides public sector buyers with a flexible way to buy technology products and associated services. Includes all their end user devices, technology infrastructure and software needs.

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Framework Accordion Title

This is the next iteration of this agreement and will replace the current Technology Products and Associated Services (TePAS).

Our aim is to design a simple, flexible and efficient route to market which will provide all your needs for technology products and help you to develop end to end digital solutions. This means you will be able to buy both the products and services you need from resellers and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

This agreement will offer the same range of products and services from our current TePAS agreement.

After extensive market research TePAS 2 will further support specific sectors such as health and education through an expanded scope.

Lot 1 Hardware and Software and Associated Services

Combined hardware, software and services (defined in Lot 2 Hardware and Lot 3 Software).

Lot 2 Hardware and Associated Services

Hardware requirements, including but not limited to; end user devices, device as a service, infrastructure as a service, infrastructure hardware, consumables, peripheral equipment, other technology hardware (e.g. audio visual, radio, sensors, networking, security etc.) and services.

Lot 3 Software and Associated Services

Software requirements, including but not limited to; commercial off the shelf software (COTS software), operating systems, productivity, business software and resource management, IT management software, networking and network management software, data and analytics, energy management, audio-visual, security (all include cloud delivery; software as a service, platform as a service and cloud services models) and services.

Lot 4 Information Assured Technology

Combined hardware, software and services (defined in Lot 2 Hardware and Lot 3 Software) but limited to List X accredited suppliers with Developed Vetting (DV) cleared resources.

Lot 5 Health and Social Care Technology

Provision of hardware and software targeted towards health and social care, including but not limited to; assistive technologies and products, remote monitoring, laptop trolleys, screen mounts, virtual reality products and services.

Lot 6 Education Technology

Please visit ESPO's bespoke Education specific Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (TePAS 2) webpage - Education Technology

Lot 7 Sustainability and Circular IT

Provision of recycling, secure disposal services and supply of refurbished/repurposed technology.

Lot 8 Technology Catalogue

Hardware, software and services procured through an online catalogue. Ideal for low value and low complexity requirements.

  • Expanded scope to encompass the full market offering to further improve upon our “one stop shop” framework strategy
  • The new structure reduces the need for customers to separate their technology requirements across multiple agreements. Three technology agreements have been consolidated and reduced down to one
  • All suppliers are automatically added to Lot 8 (catalogue), making it quicker and easier for them to upload products and for customers to purchase low value items
  • 4G Mobiles and Data
  • A2C Services t/a Circular Computing
  • ABtec Computer Solutions
  • Academia
  • Access UK
  • ACS Technology Group
  • Agile Solutions
  • Alscient
  • Annodata (part of the Kyocera Group)
  • Antillion
  • Anywhere Care
  • Anywhere SIM
  • ATOS IT Services
  • AV Partsmaster
  • Avoira Limited
  • Ballicom International
  • Banner Group
  • Bechtle
  • Beebug
  • Block Solutions
  • Boxxe
  • Brexons
  • Bright Links
  • BT Plc
  • Bytes Software
  • CAE Technology Services
  • Capita
  • CCS Media
  • CDW
  • CE Global
  • Centerprise International
  • Centiant International
  • Central Scanning
  • Cistor
  • Codec
  • Comcen Computer Supplies
  • Complete IT Systems
  • Computacenter (UK)
  • Computeam
  • Concero UK
  • Crayon
  • CSE Education Systems
  • DADA Enterprises
  • Daisy Corporate Services
  • Dataspire Solutions
  • Dell Corporation
  • Desk Top Publishing Micro Systems
  • Digital Devices
  • Digital Garage
  • DSI Technology Services
  • E-Cycle
  • Ergo Computing
  • European Electronique
  • Eurostar Global Electronics
  • Excotek
  • Exponential-e
  • FDM Group
  • Fujitsu
  • Galtec Solutions
  • Getech Limited
  • Gigacycle
  • Gold Seal Office Technology
  • Health Systems Support
  • Hewlett Packard
  • HP
  • HS Infra
  • Hyper Talent Solutions
  • ICT Educational Services
  • ICT Reverse Asset Management
  • iCT4
  • IDNS
  • Indigo Data Communications
  • Indiko Data
  • Insight Direct
  • Inventory Management Europe
  • Iron Mountain
  • Jigsaw Systems
  • Joskos Solutions
  • Kaztech Solutions
  • Kingsfield Computer Products
  • Konica Minolta
  • Levett Consultancy
  • Lexmark
  • Lyreco
  • M-Tech Systems
  • MCC Digital
  • Medhurst Communications
  • Misco
  • MRI Software
  • MTI Technology
  • Nasstar
  • Network 2 Supplies (n2s)
  • Network Utilities (Systems)
  • Nexus Associates
  • Norbeck
  • Novatech
  • Novatia
  • Now Wireless
  • NS Optimum
  • NSSLGlobal
  • Odyssey Education
  • Pacific Computers
  • Phoenix Software
  • Physical2Digital (P2D)
  • PMD Data Solutions
  • Proactive AV
  • Probrand
  • Pure Data Solutions
  • Quicksilva
  • Rapid IT Recycling
  • Recommerce
  • RecycleIT
  • Redpalm Technology Services
  • RM Education
  • Scan Computers International
  • Schools ICT
  • Server Factory
  • Servita Professional Services
  • Servium
  • SHI UK
  • Softcat
  • Softwareone UK
  • Solidsoft Reply
  • Somerford Associates
  • Specialist Computer Centres (SCC)
  • Stone Technologies
  • Storm Technologies
  • Sumillion
  • Sword Ping Network Solutions
  • Sync
  • Target Components
  • Team Akhter
  • Techbuyer
  • Telefonica Tech Northern Ireland
  • Teqex
  • The DMS Digital Group
  • Through Technology
  • Tier 1 Asset Management
  • TME
  • Total Computer Networks
  • Trams | Econocom
  • Transputec
  • Trustco Plc
  • Trustmarque
  • Turn IT on
  • Ultima Business Solutions
  • Versatile Solutions
  • Virgin Media Business
  • Vocosa
  • Vohkus
  • Vyta Secure
  • Wave 9 Managed Services
  • Xexos
  • XMA
  • Xpertex
  • Zenos Solutions

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Technology Products & Associated Services 2 (TePAS 2) 

Key Facts
Framework RM6098_23
Start Date 31/10/2023
End Date 09/04/2026
Extension Option 09/10/2027
Contract Notice 2023/S 000-006360
Award Notice Award Notice
Collaboration ESPO and CCS
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition