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Occupational Health Services

Status: Active
This ESPO framework offers a comprehensive range of occupational health services that allows organisations to meet their statutory duties of care for the health, safety and welfare of their employees in their working environment. To find out more please select ‘Get Started’ below to view framework documentation including the User Guide. For some documents such as a Service Provider Overview and Pricing, you’ll need to complete the Access & Confidentiality Agreement – this can also be found via the ‘Get Started’ tab once you’re logged in, midway down the page, and should be completed directly on the website. To contact ESPO, please click on the 'get help' tab.

Framework Accordion Title

The new framework proposes a multi-supplier arrangement and will cover a range of Occupational Health service requirements, including employee assistance programs, pre-employment screening and workplace assessments. If you're looking to provide Occupational Health services for your employees, this framework has been designed to help you. The framework is essentially a select list of suppliers, all with a proven and successful track record of delivering Occupational Health Services (OHS) and Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) from whom customers may set up supply arrangements quickly and simply. Whilst the Framework will offer Customers access to a range of comprehensive OHS and EAP services, the Service provision will be split into distinct Lots.

Lot 1 – General Occupational Health Services

This includes but is not limited to: Pre-Employment Screening, Medicals & Enquiries Pensions and Ill Health Retirement Workstation/ Workplace Assessments (incl. Redeployment) Immunisation Programmes Health Promotion Treatments Drug & Alcohol Testing Specialist Health Surveillance Some Service Providers awarded onto this lot can provide NHS and Blue Light specific occupational health services as “optional” extras in addition to the standard OH pricing schedule (available on request). This included but not limited to Vaccines (including Flu, Polio, Rabies, Rubella, Tuberculosis and much more): Blood Tests Medication Needlestick Injury Management Stress & Trauma Risk Assessments Watchful Waiting Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Lot 2 – Employee Assistance Programmes

This includes but is not limited to: Employee Assistance Programme Package Trauma and Critical Incident Support Health Promotion and Awareness Mediation

  • We have created this framework with our existing customer’s needs in mind, ensuring that its services are up to date and relevant.
  • Has an option for a direct call off, should you need to access services quickly. As well as Further Competition
  • Includes a huge variety of services including vaccines, fitness assessments, blood tests and much more.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.
  • What you see is what you pay – there are no additional charges.
  • BHSF OH Ltd
  • CNLR Horizons Ltd (CiC)
  • COPE Occupational Health Services Ltd
  • Duradiamond TA Health Partners
  • Heales Health Services Ltd
  • Innovate Healthcare Management Group
  • K2 Associates UK Limited trading as K2 Occupational Health
  • Medacs Healthcare
  • Medigold Health Consultancy
  • Park Health and Safety Partnership
  • People Asset Management
  • SME HCI Limited (Vivup)
  • The Industrial Diagnostics Company
  • UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing (examworks)
  • Vita Health Wellness
  • Wellbeing Solutions Management - Work Stress Management
  • Working on Wellbeing Ltd t/a Optima Health

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Occupational Health Services

Key Facts
Framework 985B_23
Start Date 01/07/2023
End Date 30/06/2025
Extension Option 30/06/2027
Contract Notice 2023/S 000-007013
Award Notice 2023/S 000-022471
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition