Winter can often bring with it an array of challenges for organisations, from poor weather conditions and icy roads to limited driving vision and an increase of pests and rodents among other things.

To help you and your organisation get through the winter season, we have highlighted a range of easy to use and free-to-access frameworks and essential products to keep you going and safe for the cold months ahead.


De-Icing Salt & Associated Products

  • Bulk salt for highway de-icing
  • Bagged salt
  • Other de-icing products


Electricity (for supply during 2020-2024)

  • Non-half hourly
  • Half hourly metered
  • Unmetered


Grounds Maintenance Machinery                  

  • Blowers (snow, leaves)
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Water pumps 


Lubricating oils, greases and anti-freeze

  • Engine, transmission, hydraulic oils
  • Greases and antifreeze
  • Related ancillary items 


Mains Gas                                                              

  • Bill validation service
  • New and existing meter connections
  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)


Personal Protective Equipment & Clothing

  • PPE & Clothing
  • Emergency Services Workwear
  • Schoolwear


Pest Control Products and Services               

  • Pest control products
  • Proactive & reactive services
  • Emergency reactive services


Security & Surveillance Equipment                

  • Intruder detection systems
  • Integrated security solutions
  • Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras


Specialist Vehicles                                               

  • Sweeper vehicles
  • Winter maintenance vehicles (gritters)
  • Customised vehicles


Street Lighting Solutions                                  

  • Street lighting luminaires
  • Street lighting columns
  • Associated ancillary products


Total Facilities Management Solutions

  • Fully managed soft/hard FM
  • Gritting and snow clearance
  • Fire detection & fire fighting systems 


Tyres and Related Services                               

  • For cars, LCVs, HGVs and plant
  • Fitting, removal, turning & regrooving
  • Emergency call out

Did you know? All of our frameworks are free to access and easy to use; offering significant reductions in procurement time and costs.

Our framework range covers all your buying essentials, from building materials, consultancy services, fire safety products to secure shredding, catering services and electronic office supplies.

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Site management




Infection control


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Will I be compliant if I order directly from the catalogue?

The contracts and frameworks awarded by ESPO (acting as a Central Purchasing Body) for the products featured in this catalogue have been awarded in compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations, so you can be assured of ESPO's compliant procurement exercise when making purchases from the catalogue. 


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