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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing

Status: Active
This framework offers a range of personal protective equipment and clothing; Ranging from corporate workwear, schoolwear and leisurewear to fire/rescue service workwear and police workwear.

Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 PPE (Personal Protective Eqiupment) and Clothing

Includes Hi-vis Clothing, Coveralls, Head & Face Protection, Eye Protection, Children's Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Respiratory Protection, Aprons/Tabards, Protective Footwear, Hand Protection.

Lot 1.1 PPE & Clothing - Hi-Vis Clothing

Lot 1.2 PPE & Clothing - Coveralls

Lot 1.3 PPE & Clothing - Head and Face Protection

Lot 1.4 PPE & Clothing - Eye Protection

Lot 1.5 PPE & Clothing - Children's Eye Protection

Lot 1.6 PPE & Clothing - Ear Protection

Lot 1.7 PPE & Clothing - Respiratory Protection

Lot 1.8 Aprons/Tabards

Lot 1.9 Protective Footwear

Lot 1.10 Hand Protection

Lot 2 Corporate Workwear

Includes Corporate Clothing & Footwear, Corporate Slim Fit Clothing.

Lot 2.1 Corporate Clothing

Lot 2.2 Corporate Slim Fit Clothing

Lot 3 Health & Social Care Clothing & Footwear

Lot 4 Schoolwear

Includes School Clothing & Footwear, Children's Aprons/Smocks/Tabatds, Junior Aprons

Lot 4.1 Schoolwear - School Clothing & Footwear

Lot 4.2 Schoolwear - Children's Aprons/Smocks/Tabards

Lot 4.3 Schoolwear - Junior Aprons

Lot 5 Leisurewear

Includes Budget Branded Clothing, Footwear, Premium Branded Clothing, Sports Bibs

Lot 5.1 Leisurewear - Budget Brnaded Clothing

Lot 5.2 Leisurewear - Footwear

Lot 5.3 Leisurewear - Premium Brnaded Clothing

Lot 5.5 Leisurewear - Sports Bibs

Lot 6 Catering Workwear

Includes Chef's Headwear & Masks, Disposable Clothing, Catering Clothing, Gloves.

Lot 6.1 Catering Workwear - Chef's Headwear and Masks

Lot 6.2 Catering Workwear - Disposable Clothing

Lot 6.3 Catering Workwear - Catering Clothing

Lot 6.4 Catering Workwear - Gloves

Lot 7 Emergency Services Workwear including Body Armour

Includes Station Wear and Footwear, Firefighters Protective Clothing and Footwear, Police Wear and Footwear, Police Hi-vis Clothing, Police Protective Clothing, Protective Armour, Life Saving Equipment.

Lot 7.1 Emergency Services Workwear - Station Wear and Footwear

Lot 7.2 Emergency Services Workwear - Firefighters Protective Clothing and Footwear

Lot 7.3 Emergency Services Workwear - Police Wear and Footwear

Lot 7.4 Emergency Services Workwear - Police Hi Vis Clothing

Lot 7.5 Emergency Services Workwear - Police Protective Clothing

Lot 7.6 Emergency Services Workwear - Protective Armour

Lot 7.7 Emergency Services Workwear - Life Saving Equipment

  • The framework contains supplier price lists enabling you can purchase directly without the need to run a further competition unless you wish to do so.
  • This framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation - we've done the work, so there's no need for you to run a full EU procurement process.
  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.
  • Arco Ltd
  • Arden Winch & Co Ltd
  • Bunzl UK Ltd
  • Burlington Uniforms Ltd
  • Chelmsford Safety Supplies Ltd
  • Cooneen Defence Ltd
  • Direct Corporate Clothing plc
  • PK Safety
  • IE.IE Ltd
  • Ioma Clothing Company Ltd
  • JBS Group
  • Main Man Supplies Ltd
  • Meltemi Ltd
  • Alexandra
  • Nalestar Ltd
  • Niton Equipment Ltd
  • PWS
  • Safpro Industrial Supply Co
  • SMI Int Group Ltd
  • Universal Unity
  • Westbury Industrial Supplies Ltd
  • WM Sugden & Sons Ltd
  • Grahame Gardner Ltd
  • FlamePro Global Ltd
  • Mehler Vario System GmBH
  • Safariland UK Ltd

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Clothing

Key Facts
Framework 144_19
Start Date 07/09/2019
End Date 06/09/2022
Contract Notice 2019/S 111-271394
Award Notice 2019/S 187-454182