Achieving net zeroAchieving net zero

We’re dedicated to supporting you in taking action against the world’s climate crisis with sustainable energy solutions.

Dedicated to supporting the public sector with sustainable energy solutions, ESPO is committed to helping your organisation tackle the world’s climate crisis. Together with our team, trusted suppliers and procurement solutions we can begin to make a difference and head towards our mutual target – net zero!

We all have to start somewhere and if you are looking for more sustainable energy options we have a range of frameworks and services that can help.


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Pure Green

Electricity (191) provides the opportunity to receive energy generated by either wind, wave or solar generation sources. Customers will also have access to the Renewable Energy Generation of Origin certificates to ensure their journey towards net zero is fully auditable.


We can provides access to a range of renewable energy systems and/or consultancy services for renewable energy projects.

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Vehicle Charging (636)

Vehicle Charging (636) provides access to a vast range of vehicle charging infrastructure solutions including fast/rapid and ultra-rapid electric vehicle chargers and compatible back office solutions from market leading suppliers. Awarded suppliers are able to supply, deliver, install and commission electric vehicle charge points to your specifications using the latest technologies.

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting can be an alternative for customers in circumstances when the emissions can’t be eliminated. Together with your chosen supplier, we can provide fully complaint solutions to aid your net zero journey.

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