Energy frameworksEnergy frameworks

A simple way to think of our frameworks is as agreements between you, us and your energy supplier.

By using our frameworks, which are free to access, you are able to connect with a variety of pre-approved suppliers that have been assessed on a variety of factors including financial stability, track record and professional ability. We also ensure that all our offerings are in line with UK procurement regulations.

Our dedicated Energy team work hard to provide a variety of energy focused frameworks to ensure that you can get your hands on everything needed to run your organisation efficiently.


Electricity (191)

ESPO acts as an intermediary to buy electricity in the wholesale market on your behalf.

Our team will work with you to align the contract end dates of your entire portfolio.

Contract based on a fixed supplier margin for
framework term.

Gas (192)

ESPO acts as an intermediary to buy gas in the wholesale market on your behalf.

A single supplier with a proven track record for consistency and clarity.

Contract based on a fixed supplier margin for contract length.

Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services (1008)

Provides a route to all aspects of water supply and management.

In collaboration with YPO, TEC and West Mercia Energy.

Liquid Fuels (301)

Offers a route to purchasing automotive fuels and heating oil.

Products covered include diesel, petrol, gas oil, heating oil andand Green fuels such as HVO and GTL.

Includes 48 hour lead time for delivery.

Liquified Petroleum Gas and Other Liquified Fuels (92)

Provides supply of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) in both bulk and cylinder form.

Includes price mechanisms designed to deliver long term competitiveness.

Benefits of using our frameworks

We use a flexible purchasing strategy to reduce the risk associated with Fixed Price / Fixed Term contracts.

All suppliers are pre-qualified with a brilliant track record.

Complete price transparency – there are no hidden costs!

Assistance with Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting for Multi Academy Trusts.

Access to further services such as Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and bill validation.

Dedicated teams at ESPO and TotalEnergies who are on hand for support and advice.

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