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Energy plays an essential part in any organisation, and we know that finding the right services can be tricky. To make life easier, each of our frameworks have been designed as a complete package based on your organisational needs. Not only are you offered a quick, easy, trustworthy and compliant route to your desired product or service, but plenty of additional services are available too.

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) installation

We can arrange for devices to be installed which will always mean your invoices reflect your actual energy consumption.

Various billing options

Energy invoices can be issued electronically or as a traditional paper invoice. If you have a multi-site portfolio, each property can be invoiced individually or as part of a consolidated account.

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Bill Validation

Our team of experienced bill validators will ensure that the invoices you have received are correct and reflect the terms of you contract with the supplier. 

Siteworks support

Our team are happy to support the installation of new supplies or the removal of any obsolete metering equipment.

Query handling

If you have a query with any aspect of your energy contract our team are here by your side to offer advice and ensure that any questions are fully answered via our in-house Query Management System. Whether you’d prefer to speak to us via phone or email, we’re happy to help.

Change of ownership (COO)

Our team can also smooth the way when sites are added or deleted from your portfolio. We’ll ask you for the key information required by the supplier and then follow it through until everything is completed.

Meter operator contracts

Utility Metering and Data Services (512) provides a seamless, compliant solution at below market rates to customers direct for the installation, operation and maintenance of half hourly and non-half hourly electricity meters as well as communication links to meters covered by Codes of Practice 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 and any meters impacted by future legislative change.

Data Aggregation/Data Collection contracts

For customers with existing half hourly contracts, we can provide a Data Collection and Data Aggregation Service (DC/DA). Utility Metering and Data Services (512) also allows retrieval, validation, estimation and processing of Non-Half Hourly (NHH) Data for the purposes of settlement and/or aggregation. Customers can also have the option to access their data through a portal or website for energy management purposes.

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