FAQs: Website

FAQs: Website

Why should I sign up for an account?

Placing your orders online is the easiest and quickest way to access our great range of products. What’s more, it also gives you up to date prices, promotions, new products and special offers.

An account also allows you to view our range of time and effort saving e-procurement options, catalogue data files and request to export your orders and import them to SIMS FMS.

Finally, an account opens up our world of frameworks, giving you even more buying power at your fingertips. Our new digital process, online documents and quick access to suppliers makes procurement easier than ever.

Should I sign up for an account if I don’t want to place orders online?

Yes! You can do much more than simply place orders when you sign up for an account for ESPO. If you purchase our catalogue products via email or your finance system, you can use your log in to view your credit limits, your previous orders and invoices… even for orders placed offline.

What’s the difference between an organisation admin account and an organisation user account?

Every organisation has an admin account, by default it’s the first person to register, however if you aren’t sure who this is within your organisation or you’d like it to change, please complete our Contact us form and our Registration team will be able to help you.

An admin account has additional permissions to any user account. They are able to add users to their account and set permissions for all users, such as the ability to place orders or just create them.

Can I place orders directly from my finance system?

Yes! Once you’ve registered for an account you can view our entire e-procurement offering from your account section and select the best options for your organisation’s setup. (Please note that our catalogue data files are only available to download for logged in customers.) We also have a specialist e-business team who work with you to get your setup working, saving you time and money.

Can I place orders from SIMS?

Yes! Our website allows you to build your basket, with access to our current prices, new products and special offers

What is punchout?

Punchout is a way of connecting your e-procurement or finance system to ours. This allows you to efficiently place orders and receive invoices. We can connect to a wide range of procurement and finance systems using our technology, our specialist e-business team can support with your needs.

What happens if I share my wish list?

Create your wish list of products and share this with a colleague - from here they can easily add these items to their basket and place an order.

If you would like to regularly create shopping baskets for a colleague to approve, it’s worth considering using our Organisation Admin facility. We can show you how to set this up for your organisation and set the appropriate permissions, just get in touch with our Registration team via our Contact us page.

Can I see my previous invoices?

Yes! All of your invoices, even for orders you have placed offline can be viewed in the My Account area of the website.

Do you have an accessibility statement for your website?

Yes, this details how our website meets the current public sector accessibility regulations and can be found here .