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Road Repair Materials

Status: Coming Soon
Status Notes: Anticipated start date in the summer.
Provides access to the supply of emulsion products, packed highways products, joint sealant products and other bituminous based highways products. To find out more please select ‘Get Started’ below to view framework documentation including the User Guide. For some documents such as the Further Competition Template and Call-Off Terms you’ll need to complete the Access & Confidentiality Agreement – this can also be found via the ‘Get Started’ tab once you’re logged in, midway down the page, and should be completed directly on the website.

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Lot 1 Emulsion Products

Lot 2 Packed Highways Products

Lot 3 Joint Sealant Products

Lot 4 Other Bituminous Based Highways Products


If you’d like to contact us, quote reference no. 250_24 and enquire at;

Ria Mclauchlan Ria Mclauchlan 07748 624 366

Or alternatively use the form below:

Road Repair Materials

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Reference no. 250_24