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Refuse and Recycling Products (Including Wheeled Bins) (2022)

Status: Active

Framework 860 offers simplicity while still giving you access to a wide range of selected suppliers, and provides you with the flexibility to choose exactly what you need. Covering the majority of products used in the recycling and refuse sector, the framework offers wheelie bins, recycling bags and boxes, food waste containers, refuse sacks and waste housing units amongst many others - ensuring your requirements are met and you have plenty of options to choose from!

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Framework Accordion Title

This ESPO framework offers customers a quick, simple and competitive route to the supply of refuse & recycling products including but not limited to wheeled bins, kerbside recycling boxes and bags, food waste containers, compostable liners, plastic refuse sacks, waste housing units and compost bins. The framework will also provide services for container maintenance.

Lot 1A Supply of Plastic Wheeled Bins (2 Wheeled)

Lot 1B Supply of Plastic Wheeled Bins (4 Wheeled)

Lot 2 Supply of Steel Wheeled Bins (4 Wheeled)

Lot 3 Steel Container Maintenance and Repair (Mobile and Factory Based)

Lot 4 Supply of Spare Parts for 4 Wheeled Bins

Lot 5 Supply of Kerbside Recycling Boxes (Including Inner Caddies)

Lot 6 Supply of Stackable Boxes for Waste

Lot 7 Supply of Food Waste Containers (Caddies)

Lot 8 Supply of Kerbside Recycling Bags

Lot 9 Supply of Compostable Liners

Lot 10 Supply of Plastic Refuse Sacks (Bin Bags)

Lot 11 Total Managed Solution for Compost Bins - A supplier managed scheme for councils to promote home composting directly to households

Lot 12 Supply Only of Compost Bins and Ancillary Supplies for Compost Bins

  • Covering a vast range of refuse and recycling products from trusted suppliers; this is the go-to framework for your requirement.
  • Quick & easy to use... This framework is already EU/UK Compliant - we've already done the procurement work, so there's no need to run a full EU tender.
  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability, before being awarded a place on the framework.
  • It's free... You will not be charged for using this framework.
  • Pre-agreed conditions... No need to worry about what terms & conditions to use, they've been pre-agreed under the framework and underpin all orders.
  • Abfallbehalter & Container Weber UK Ltd
  • Contenur
  • Craemer
  • ESE World
  • One51 ES Plastics (UK) Ltd t/a MGB Plastics
  • SSI Schaefer
  • Storm Environmental
  • UK Container Maintenance Ltd
  • Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd
  • Imperial Polythene Products Ltd
  • Straight Manufacturing
  • Ridley Recycling Ltd t/a Peter Ridley Waste Systems
  • The Compost Bag Company
  • Cromwell
  • J & HM Dickson Ltd t/a Sackmaker
  • SAI-PAC Ltd
  • Weir and Carmichael
  • Opalian Plastics Ltd
  • Paramount Packaging (UK) Ltd
  • Polystar Plastics Ltd

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Refuse and Recycling Products (Including Wheeled Bins) (2022)

Key Facts
Framework 860_22
Start Date 01/02/2022
End Date 31/01/2024
Contract Notice 2021/S 000-027976
Award Notice TBC