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Supply of Promotional and Personalised Products

Status: Active
Offers a range of promotional and personalised products such as mugs, clothing, badges and technology products, so that you can access personalised merchandise quickly and simply. Select ‘Get Started’ to view the framework documentation. You can access everything you need to start the procurement process by completing the Access & Confidentiality Agreement.

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Lot 1 Promotional and Personalised Products

Lot 2 Off-the-shelf and Customisable Stamps

  • Offers a variety of bespoke products at competitive prices, so that you can add a personal touch.
  • Has been designed with speedy timescales in mind.
  • All suppliers have been quality check, so you can be sure that you will receive excellent products.
  • Allwag
  • Banner Group Limited
  • Brandhub
  • Extravaganza
  • Stamps Direct Ltd
  • Streamline Corporate
  • Sycal

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Supply of Promotional and Personalised Products

Key Facts
Framework 164_22
Start Date 12/04/2022
End Date 31/03/2026
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition