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MSTAR4 (Managed Services for Temporary Agency Resources)

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A quick and simple route to procuring a manages service for temporary agency resources. This framework is divided to allow for different types of service models – so that you can find something to suit you.

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Lot 1a Neutral (‘Neutral Vendor’)

This Lot is for Customers who wish to appoint a Managed Service Provider to manage a supply chain of Agencies. The Managed Service Provider may not itself supply any Temporary Agency Workers directly but instead manages a supply chain, or tiers of Agencies to provide Temporary Agency Workers to fulfil bookings. The Managed Service Provider shall be permitted to utilise associated or subsidiary companies as a source of supply for the Services subject to the following additional conditions: In sending requests for Temporary Agency Workers, associated or subsidiary companies do not receive more favourable treatment or terms than other Agencies in the Managed Service Provider supply chain and any quotations thus received by the Managed Service Provider are treated equally and without any discrimination. For the Customer receiving the Services, the provision is seamless and the Customer contracts only with the Managed Service Provider and not with the Agencies directly, The Managed Service Provider will ensure that all Agencies are signed up to and bound by the same, fair terms and conditions which will make them eligible to put forward candidates for the Assignments as and when they arise.

Lot 1b Master (‘Master Vendor’)

This Lot is for Customers who wish to appoint a Managed Service Provider to generate a pool of staff, (a ‘first tier’ which may include the Customers own pool) from which they fill vacancies, further tiers of Agencies may also be used where necessary operating under the same terms and conditions to fulfil bookings the Managed Service Provider cannot fill directly. For the Customer receiving the Services, this provision is seamless and the Customer contracts only with the Master Vendor and not with the Agencies directly.

Lot 2 Vendor Management System

This Lot is for Customers who are looking for a technology solution that helps them manage recruitment Agencies, either on a self-service basis where recruitment is devolved to Hiring Managers, or via their own internal recruitment team. The system used will help Customers to manage their supply chain, and interact with Agencies and Temporary Agency Workers through the system in regards to ordering, timesheet reconciliation, compliance and management information.

Lot 3 Talent Pool Technology

This Lot is for Customers who are looking for a Talent Pool Technology Platform that they can contract with directly and either include within their existing MSP delivery model or develop internally as a stand-alone solution. A Talent Pool Technology Platform is an on-line database which allows a Worker to register, create, maintain and delete their own profile and be matched automatically to jobs put forward through the platform by Hiring Managers. The Talent Pool Technology Platform will be available via desktop and/or app. As such, Tenders will only be accepted for Lot 3 from Tenderers who fulfil the Talent Pool Technology Core Specification. Tenderers for Lot 3 Talent Pool Technology will own the intellectual property rights (IPR) and development of the platform. Customers that require, more than the Core Specification level Talent Pool Technology Platform may want to build up their service specific to their own needs and allowing for technology and the Direct Hiring Model evolution. For avoidance of doubt, The Talent Pool Technology Provider will be the ultimate contracting organisation leading and holding full responsibility and liability for the full Talent Pool Technology Platform provision as outlined in the core specification and any supporting documents. Please note: If the Talent Pool Technology Provider relies upon sub-contractors to meet the core specification, including the modular builds detailed within the Framework Specifications document (Appendix E), the relevant sections on sub-contractors within the ITT part B must be completed.

Lot 4 Statement of Works (Project Delivery)

This lot is for customers seeking a range of advice, support, and provision of services in relation to the management and delivery of various projects. The managed service provider will be able to manage and deliver, and assume responsibility for the outcome of, any projects required by the customer. The customer can access services through various sourcing routes to obtain the required Specialist Resources. Further information on all Lots is provided within Framework Specifications (Appendix E). The delivery models within all Lots may be developed further to offer additional levels of service.

  • The delivery models within all Lots may be developed further to offer additional levels of service.
  • You can choose and build a bespoke 'Hybrid/Total Talent Management' delivery model.
  • Total transparency on costs involved if wanting to add or remove services.
  • This is fourth in a series of successful frameworks – designed using experience, market knowledge and procurement know-how.
  • In its fourth iteration, this framework now includes a specific lot for ‘statement of work’.
  • The pricing for MSTAR4 has been simplified to make it easier for customers to utilise.
  • This framework includes an improved specification for worker holiday pay.
  • Social value benefits can be obtained as part of this framework.
  • Adecco
  • Alvius
  • Comensura Ltd
  • Constellia Public LTD
  • Data Careers Limited
  • Gi Group
  • Guidant Global
  • Hays Specialist Recruitment Limited
  • HCRG Workforce Solutions Ltd
  • Manpower Uk Ltd trading as ManpowerGroup
  • Matrix
  • Michael Page International Recruitment
  • Morson International
  • Neuven Solutions Ltd
  • Nuwe Consulting Ltd
  • Omni Resource Management Solutions (RMS) Ltd
  • Opus People Solutions Ltd
  • Pertemps
  • Randstad
  • Red Snapper Recruitment Limited
  • Reed Specialist Recruitment Limited
  • Retinue Solutions Ltd
  • Service Care Solutions
  • Teacher Booker Ltd

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MSTAR4 (Managed Services for Temporary Agency Resources)

Key Facts
Framework 653F_23
Start Date 11/04/2023
End Date 10/04/2025
Extension Option 10/04/2027
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition