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Technology Enabled Care Products and Services

Status: Active
This framework has a number of Service Providers who have been selected to provide Technology Enabled Care Products and Services which incorporates telecare and telehealth. The requirement is divided into Lot 1 Technology Enabled Care Products and Services Catalogue (products and commoditised services) for direct call off and Lot 2 Technology Enabled Care Services (outsourced services including products as part of the service) which is accessed by further competition. One of the key elements of this framework is that suppliers must deliver and supply their goods and services in line with industry best practice, as set out in the TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF).

Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 Technology Enabled Care Products & Services Catalogue

Technology Enabled Care Products and Services Catalogue. This Lot includes both Products and commoditised Services that are described and priced in a manner that permits an ‘off the shelf’ purchase

Lot 2 Technology Enabled Care Services (Outsourced)

Technology Enabled Care Services. Outsourced services (including products as part of the service) which is generally accessed by further competition.

  • A quick and easy route to market for everything from the simplest piece of equipment to a complex outsourced service.
  • Suppliers and Providers that are experienced in and committed to providing services to the Care sector.
  • You can be assured that the suppliers on the framework have agreed to maintain the standards of the TSA Quality Standards Framework.
  • Suppliers and Providers that know and understand outcomes based commissioning.
  • The framework has been designed with the future in mind, including consideration of the digital switchover.
  • This solution is flexible and can be used to respond rapidly to changing situations and needs, and will support you in periods of crisis such as were seen during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • This framework is compliant with UK legislation - we’ve done the work, so you have more flexibility with the timescales for your procurement process.
  • Our framework is underpinned by pre-agreed terms and conditions for all suppliers so you won’t get stung by hidden costs or fees.
  • Social value benefits can be obtained under Lot 2 - The suppliers will work with you and ESPO to support social value and sustainability targets and improvements within local economies.
  • You can benefit from further support which may include (subject to the nature of the products/services purchased): Installation/Implementation, Training, Technical advice and support, Upgrades, Warranties/extended warranties, Service and maintenance.
  • HAS Technology (Access UK Limited)
  • AccuRx Limited
  • Alcove Limited
  • Alcuris Ltd
  • Alertacall Ltd
  • Appello Smart Living Solutions Ltd
  • Brain in Hand
  • Broomwell Healthwatch Ltd
  • Chiptech International Limited
  • Chubb Fire & Security Ltd
  • Everon UK Ltd
  • Helpline Ltd
  • Karantis 360 Limited
  • Legrand Electric LTD
  • Lifeline24 Limited
  • NEW Lifeline (Redditch Borough Council)
  • Secure Meters (UK) Limited
  • TeleAlarm Europe GmbH
  • Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Limited
  • amica24 (Worcestershire Telecare Ltd I&P)
  • Baywater Healthcare UK Limited
  • Forestcare (Bracknell Forest Borough Council)
  • Medequip Assistive Technology Limited
  • NRS Healthcare (Nottingham Rehab Limited)
  • PA Consulting Services Limited
  • Progress Lifeline (Progress Housing Association Limited)
  • Red Alert Telecare Ltd
  • Socitm Advisory Limited
  • Spirit Healthcare Ltd
  • TEC Services Association CIC
  • Urban Foresight Limited
  • Wealden & Eastbourne Lifeline Limited (Doro Care UK)

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Technology Enabled Care Products and Services

Key Facts
Framework 203_21
Start Date 14/06/2021
End Date 13/06/2023
Contract Notice 2020/s 232-573924