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Consultancy Services_2021

Status: Active
ESPO's Consultancy Services framework is designed to create a simple and efficient solution for those looking to procure trustworthy advice from pre-approved suppliers. Please take a look at the framework User Guide found within the Downloads section below for an overview of how the framework operates. Click 'show more' within the Downloads section for a full list of the documentation available. In most cases, further information such as pricing can only be obtained by completing and returning the Access Agreement form.

Framework Accordion Title

With a wide range of areas covered, the framework allows for a wide range of needs; from consultations on waste and recycling, to finance, to auditing consultancy services. The flexibility of this framework allows it to be convenient, with the possibility of selecting more than one consultancy service from numerous service providers but all accessed in one place - saving you time, money and your mind.

The scope of the framework covers consultancy in the areas of:

Asset Management and Delivery Auditing Consultancy Audit Services Business Services Community Research and Engagement Environmental and Sustainability Facilities Management Food and Catering General Finance Health and Safety Highways, Transport and Logistics Housing and Housing Support Leisure, Culture and Tourism Marketing, Communications and PR Operational IT Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure Procurement Public Health Regeneration and Regional Development Revenues and Benefits Social Care (Adults) Social Care (Children) Strategic IT Strategic Projects Tax Treasury Management Waste and Recycling

Lot 1 Business Services

Lot 2a Audit Consultancy

Lot 2b Internal Audit Services

Lot 2c External Audit Services

Lot 2d General Finance

Lot 2e Procurement

Lot 2f Revenue and Benefits

Lot 2g Tax

Lot 2h Treasury Management

Lot 3 Food and Catering

Lot 4a Public Health

Lot 4b Social Care (Adults)

Lot 4c Social Care (Children)

Lot 5 Highways, Traffic and Transport

Lot 6a Operational IT

Lot 6b Strategic IT

Lot 7 Leisure, Culture and Tourism

Lot 8a Asset Management and Delivery

Lot 8b Environmental and Sustainability

Lot 8c Facilities Management

Lot 8d Health and Safety

Lot 8e Housing and Housing Support

Lot 8f Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure

Lot 8g Regeneration and Regional Development

Lot 8h Waste and Recycling

Lot 9a Community Research and Engagement

Lot 9b Marketing, Communications and PR

Lot 10 Strategic Projects

  • Flexible solution: “ESPO’s consultancy services framework is one of our most popular solutions. Customers have the flexibility to select more than one consultancy service from numerous service providers but all accessed in one place - saving time, money and your mind”. - Scott Buttress, Category Manager, ESPO
  • Extensive range of suppliers: Through our extensive range of suppliers covering a broad range of areas, you are able to determine which supplier best suits your needs and specifications.
  • Wide range of areas covered: The solution caters for a wide range of needs from consultations on environmental and sustainability, waste and recycling, to financial services and auditing consultancy services. We have you covered!
  • Social value benefits: We continuously seek and support the provision of social value within our procurement solutions for the UK Public Sector. As part of our ongoing commitment to social value practices, we have partnered with the Social Value Portal. For this framework, social value was assessed as part of the award criteria allowing social value benefits to be obtained.
  • Dependable suppliers: Whether you’re looking for consultations on property and environment or health and social care, we know that putting your trust in a supplier can be a difficult decision. Suppliers on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability - so rest assured you are receiving the highest of standards.
  • Quick and easy access: This framework is free to access! What’s more, we can provide you with template documentation to save you time and of course our team at ESPO can assist you along the way as much or as little as you need.
  • Easily identify your audit service: Our Internal Audit and External Audit services have been separated as two individual Lots so you can access the right solution easily and quickly.
  • Manage your costs efficiently: We have included the category of consultant (experience level) and determine that the average day rate of a Consultant is £550. This can help you to manage costs efficiently when procuring for consultancy services.

    If you’d like to contact us, quote reference Framework 664_21 and enquire at;

    Michelle Gill 07584 158 137

    Or alternatively use the form below:

    Consultancy Services_2021

    Key Facts
    Framework 664_21
    Start Date 01/09/2021
    End Date 31/08/2023
    Contract Notice 2020/S 185-447987
    Collaboration ESPO and YPO