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Supply of Tools and Ironmongery

Status: Active
Provides access to a range of tools and ironmongery products. Select ‘Get Started’ to view the framework documentation. You can access everything you need to start the procurement process by completing the Access & Confidentiality Agreement.

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This framework provides access to a range of tools and ironmongery products. The products available include; hand tools, power tools, garden hand tools, garden power tools, padlocks and door closers.

Lot 4- National Framework

Supply and delivery of tool and ironmongery products to establishments.

Each supplier is able to provide catalogues or access to a website which will allow you to browse their vast stock holdings for tools and ironmongery products. If you have a specific need which isn’t covered, please get in touch us for help.

  • Competitive supplier discounts
  • A wide range of well-known quality
  • A wide range of tools and ironmongery products
  • George Boyd
  • Southern Power Tools
  • TW Engineering

If you’d like to contact us, quote reference no. 96_21 and enquire at;

Catalogue Procurement 0116 294 4016

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Supply of Tools and Ironmongery

Key Facts
Reference no. 96_21
Start Date 01/02/2021
End Date 31/01/2025
Contract Notice 2020/S 242-600215
Award Notice 600215-2020
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition