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Postal Services and Solutions

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This framework offers a range of mailroom equipment, inbound and outbound mail services or more complex solutions for digital transformation of mail and communications.

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Whether you use traditional mail services or would like to transform your mailroom to digital, this framework provides a wide range of postal goods, services and solutions to support your postal requirements and strategy. No matter where you are in that journey, from collection and delivery to inbound digital scanning and electronic distribution.

Lot 1 Franking Machines, Mailroom Equipment and Associated Consumables

This Lot covers a full range of low, medium and high volume capacity franking machines, mailroom equipment (including X-Ray machines) and associated consumables and software for both lease and outright purchase. It also includes basic maintenance and additional service wrap options.

Lot 2 Collection and Delivery of Letters, Large Letters and Parcels

Lot 2 covers a collection and delivery service for all mail items for delivery within the UK. Services include high volume services, low to medium volume services, sorted and unsorted services, secure services, collection services and services to manage undelivered items.

Lot 3 Collection and Delivery of Letters, Large Letters and Parcels to International Destinations

This Lot covers a collection and delivery service for all mail items for international delivery which includes EU, Non-EU and Rest of World destinations. Services include premium services, standard services, economy services, sorted and unsorted services, secure and tracked services, collection services and services to manage undelivered items.

Lot 4 Audits, Efficiency Reviews and Niche Consultancy

Lot 4 covers independent audit and consultancy services for mailroom operations and associated document and data management, designed to offer help and support to develop and implement your postal services strategy.

Lot 5 Business Process Outsourcing, Mailroom, Document and Data Managed Service

This Lot includes a wholly outsourced service for on/off site mailroom management, digital mailroom management and document and data management services. This Lot is designed to help deliver efficiencies, benefits and transform the management of document workflow, delivering a paper-lite strategy and increasing the use of digital technologies.

Lot 6 Hybrid Mail, Digital and Transformational Communications

This Lot covers three levels of hybrid mail, digital and transformational communications: Level 1: Hybrid Mail (Click, Print, Post Solution) Level 2: Hybrid Mail, including SMS, email communications and secure web-based communications Level 3: Omni-Channel E2E Hybrid Mail, including inbound communication

Lot 7 Inbound Delivery, Mail Opening and Digital Scanning Services

This Lot covers the provision of an inbound delivery, mail opening and digital scanning services, which can be carried out either at your premises (on-site) or at the supplier’s premises (off-site), or a blend of both.

Lot 8 Security Screening Services

This lot covers the provision of security screening services for a variety of inbound mail items, including documents and parcels for a range of hazardous items and materials. The supplier is required to provide up to Level 3 British Standards Institution Mail Screening and Security Specification (PAS 97:2015) as a minimum.

  • An enhanced and extensive range of mailroom equipment and software provides access to the latest technologies to increase production, reduce floor space and free up valuable resource.
  • Supports aggregation of buyer requirements to drive volume discounts and access to zonal and regional pricing to deliver commercial benefits and savings.
  • Introduces new technologies and innovation to reduce your physical mail and integrate paper documents into digital workflows Increase security of mail items by using services such as hybrid mail.
  • 50% of suppliers on the agreement are SMEs.
  • Supports buyers in reducing their carbon footprint through digitisation and new energy efficient equipment and services.
  • Adare Sec
  • Altus
  • APS Group
  • Capita Intelligent Communications (CIC)
  • CFH Docmail
  • Datagraphic
  • DX Network Services
  • Equans
  • FCS Laser Mail
  • Financial Data Management
  • FP Mailing
  • iMail Comms
  • Iron Mountain
  • Latcham
  • MBA Group
  • Nationwide Franking Sense
  • Paragon
  • Pitney Bowes
  • PostalSort
  • Postworks
  • PSL Print Management
  • Quadient
  • Restore Digital
  • Ricoh UK
  • Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide
  • Spring GDS
  • SPS
  • Twofold
  • UK Mail
  • Virtual Mail Room
  • Webpost
  • Whistl UK
  • Xerox (UK)

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Postal Services and Solutions

Key Facts
Framework RM6280_23
Start Date 01/12/2023
End Date 30/11/2027
Contract Notice 2023/S 000-008573
Award Notice 2023/S 000-031689
Collaboration CCS, ESPO & YPO
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition