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Catering Equipment

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This framework offers customers a simple and competitive route to a wide range of catering products. The requirement is split into 5 lots.

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Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 Catering Equipment

Suppliers under this lot are able to source economy and premium commercial catering equipment, with a number specialising in market leading brands. This lot features a number of manufacturers and distributors who can offer optional additional value-added services (such as installations or old equipment removal) to suit your requirements and budgets. The requirement is split into 10 sub-lots.

Sub-Lot 1a - Prime Cooking Equipment

Gas and electric ovens, ranges, hobs and combination-ovens, fryers, grills, bratt-pans, cooking kettles, steamers, microwaves, potato ovens and associated accessories.

Sub-Lot 1b - Ware-washing Equipment

Pass through/under counter/front loading dishwashers, glass washers and water softener units and associated accessories.

Sub-Lot 1c - Refrigeration Equipment

Walk-in and under the counter fridges and freezers and blast chillers.

Sub-Lot 1d - Heated, Ambient and Refrigerated Display

Hot cupboards with bain-marie top, plain top hot cupboards, ambient storage cupboards, overhead gantry's, cold buffet displays.

Sub-Lot 1e - Food Transport

Gastronome 1/1 racking trollies, hot food transport trollies, food/banquet/serving/utility/clearing trollies, plastic insulated boxes and stainless-steel insulated boxes.

Sub-Lot 1f - Food Preparation Equipment

Floor and Bench food mixers, food processors, vegetable preparation machines, slicers, potato peelers and stick blenders.

Sub-Lot 1g - Beverage Equipment

Countertop/wall mounted water boilers, hot drinks machines, coffee machines and kettles.

Sub-Lot 1h - General Fabrication, Shelving and Storage

Tabling/work benches, dishwasher in-let and out-let tabling, racking, free standing/wall mounted shelving, fly screens, single and double sink units and storage.

Sub-Lot 1i - Extraction and Ventilation

Commercial extraction fans and canopies, interlock systems and kitchen baffle filters.

Sub-Lot 1j - Food Waste Disposal Equipment

Freestanding/under the sink food waste disposers.

Lot 2 Turnkey Kitchen Solutions

This lot includes suppliers who can provide a full turnkey kitchen solution including the designing of the kitchen layout, supply and installation of the kitchen facility including catering equipment and additional services such as on-going service and maintenance, advice and training as required. As part of the project suppliers can also carry out minor building, construction and electrical/gas works.

Lot 3 Maintenance Services for Commercial Catering Equipment

This lot covers service care packages including yearly/bi-yearly planned service visits, re-active call-out maintenance visits, Deep Cleaning services and legislative checks such as Annual Gas Safe Inspections, electrical safety checks, CO2 readings etc.

Lot 4 Light Catering Equipment

This lot covers a comprehensive range of light catering equipment from tableware, cookware and kitchen utensils to small kitchen appliances such as kettles, toasters, blenders and juicers.

Lot 5 Catering Consumables

All of the suppliers on this lot can provide customers with innovative ranges of products to meet changing customer requirements and sustainability priorities, including compostable, biodegradable and recyclable products. The framework suppliers are able to offer a range of products including: cling film, foils & parchments, takeaway hot and cold cups & lids, disposable cutlery & stirrers, disposable tableware, food-to-go containers, food packaging and labelling, kitchen hygiene products, paper napkins and table covers, food bags and carrier bags.

  • Suppliers: This framework features a wide selection of suppliers ranging from, SMEs to brand manufacturers and large national distributors.
  • A great range of discounts available.
  • Price files available to facilitate a simple call-off process.
  • Free access to template further competition documentation.
  • Sustainability: Suppliers awarded to the framework have been tested for their commitment to ensuring that Products and/or Services provided to the Customer are delivered in a sustainable manner accounting for environmental, economic and social factors.
  • Social Value benefits can be obtained.
  • UK compliance: This framework is already compliant with the relevant UK procurement regulations. ESPO has already done the procurement work, so there’s no need to run a full tender.
  • Pre-agreed conditions: No need to worry about what terms and conditions to use – they’ve all been pre-agreed under the framework, providing safeguards to underpin all orders placed.
  • ABM Catering For Leisure
  • Falcon Foodservice Equipment
  • Airedale Catering Equipment
  • Bluestone Catering Solutions Limited
  • Denby Catering Equipment
  • Fusion CLC
  • Hatherley Commercial Services
  • HCE
  • Hobart
  • Bartlett
  • M&S Catering Supplies
  • Modo Commercial Kitchen Design
  • R.H. Hall (Microwave) Limited
  • eCatering
  • Sime Catering Equipment Limited
  • Stephens Catering Equipment Co
  • Swift Maintenance Services
  • Universal Unity
  • Welbilt UK Limited
  • Willis Jenkins
  • W.V. Howe
  • Allsop & Francis Ltd
  • Meiko UK
  • Williams Refrigeration
  • Corsair Engineering
  • E & R Moffat Limited
  • JLA Ltd
  • BGL Rieber Limited
  • Culligan (UK) Ltd
  • Aire Valley Catering
  • First In Service Limited
  • Bidfood
  • Nobisco
  • Opulent Collection
  • Hamilton & Pollock

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Catering Equipment

Key Facts
Framework 98_22
Start Date 01/04/2022
End Date 31/03/2024
Extension Option 31/03/2026
Contract Notice 2021/S 000-032092
Award Notice 2022/S 000-010381