Benefits of being a supplier

Benefits of being an ESPO supplier

Access to a vast customer base

Many of our framework agreements are open to regional or national customers. Suppliers awarded onto a framework are exposed to a larger potential public sector customer base than may otherwise be possible.
Furthermore, ESPO has established many multi-million pound framework agreements. Inclusion in the framework is likely to offer suppliers new business opportunities, and in each case competition will be limited to just those suppliers who are a) included in the framework and b) suitable for meeting the customer’s specific needs. Suppliers will not have to rely upon leads in Find a Tender or the trade press.

Low risk customers

Public sector customers are amongst the most reliable payers. In fact, many meet the Government target time of 10 working days for paying invoices. This provides a reliable income stream for suppliers, something that is crucial, particularly to small and medium sized enterprises.


Tendering procedures remain open and transparent, providing the opportunity for suppliers of every size, whether local or international, to bid for contracts. ESPO can provide suppliers with comprehensive feedback on areas where their bids could be improved for future tendering exercises.

Creating lot structures

We often divide framework opportunities into lots using criteria such as region or product type. This is done to open up frameworks to more suppliers and encourage SMEs to bid and compete for these smaller value lots.

Tenders not just scored on price

Most of our tenders are scored taking into account price and quality factors to determine the most economically advantageous bid. This gives suppliers providing high quality products and services with an opportunity to be awarded onto the contract even though they may not be the cheapest.

Incumbent suppliers don't have an advantage

When renewing a framework or contract, incumbent suppliers are not automatically given the business again. Incumbent suppliers have to re-apply and compete for the new business alongside other suppliers, giving fair opportunities to all.


ESPO actively markets its frameworks and contracts through a variety of media including a range of catalogues, websites and user guides. Our team of Education and Corporate Account Managers provides customer support on a national basis.