edding® 360 Whiteboard Markers

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Available in 8 individual colours including assorted packs
  • Dry-wipeable from all non-porous surfaces
  • Round nib has a stroke width of 1.5-3mm
  • Cap can be left off for several days without the product drying out (test climate according to ISO 554)
  • Lightfast and quick-drying
  • Refillable in the colours black, red, blue and green with edding BTK 25 refill service
  • Suitable spare nibs (edding 28/360 spare nibs) are available
  • Available in single colours, black, green, red and blue
  • Available in assorted colours
  • Packs of 10, 50, 60 and 100
Full Description
Available in 8 individual colours including assorted packs or black, green, red and blue in single colours, these Edding® 360 Whiteboard Markers are high-quality marker pens, ideal for use in classrooms, offices, and other environments where presentations, meetings, or brainstorming sessions take place.

One of the key features of the Edding® 360 Whiteboard Marker is its ability to write on a variety of surfaces. This marker can write on not just whiteboards, but virtually all non-porous surfaces, such as enamel and melamine. The ink is easy to erase and can be left uncapped for a few days without drying out.

The Edding® 360 Whiteboard Marker comes in a range of bright and vibrant colours, making it easy to add colour and emphasis to your writing or drawings. The ink is also highly pigmented, which means that the colors are vivid and eye-catching, even from a distance.

The markers are refillable using Edding® BTK25 refill ink and the pack of 60 also contains 6 refills supplied in a Gratnells tray, making them great value for money!

The Edding® 360 Whiteboard Markers are available in packs of 10, 50 and 60 and are a reliable and versatile writing tool that is perfect for anyone who needs to write or draw on whiteboards or other smooth surfaces. Its 1.5-3mm line width bullet tip, quick-drying ink, and ability to write on a range of surfaces make it an excellent choice for educators, presenters, and anyone who needs to create visual aids or diagrams.
Important Information
For optimum use, please store all whiteboard markers horizontally