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Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

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A new national framework offering public sector customers with low emission vehicles and a comprehensive range of charging solutions from the leading providers in the market. For example, standard/fast/rapid vehicle chargepoints for electric vehicles, installation, back office, maintenance and so on. This framework will offer turnkey solutions for customers to help them access the latest technology.

Framework Accordion Title

This ESPO framework provides access to a vast range of vehicle charging infrastructure solutions including rapid/fast/standard electric vehicle chargers and compatible back office solutions from market leading suppliers. Awarded suppliers are able to supply, deliver, install and commission electric vehicle charge points to your specifications, with the latest technology being available. Purchase and lease options are both offered. Emerging technologies, including battery energy storage, vehicle to grid, car port chargers, bus chargers, mobile chargers, charging test equipment and parking bay sensors, are also available.

Lot 1 Purchase of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Lot 1 covers the outright purchase of electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs). Suppliers can supply, deliver, install, commission warrant, and maintain EVCPs to the customers’ specifications. Turnkey / end-to-end solutions are available, or Customers can pick and choose which elements they require from the supply chain. All types of charger are covered e.g. slow/fast/rapid, AC, DC, etc. Call-offs can be made via direct award or further competition.

Lot 2 Lease of Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Lot 2 covers the lease of electric vehicle charge points (EVCPs). Customers pay a monthly price per EVCP which covers a lease for the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning, warranty and maintenance of the unit(s). Other funding options may be available under the framework i.e. lease purchase, contract hire, hire purchase by arrangement with the suppliers directly. Call-offs can be made via direct award or via further competition.

Lot 3 Back Office Solutions

Lot 3 covers if you are a customer who already has EVCPs in place, but wish to secure a new supplier for your back office / Charge Point Management System, then you are able to use the comprehensive supplier offerings in this lot. Customers who are looking for an EVCP which includes a back office can use Lots 1 or 2 above, which offer charging equipment with a back office included. Call-offs can be made via direct award or further competition.

Lot 4 Emerging Technologies

Lot 4 covers the following types of emerging technology from market leading suppliers, which are all available under the framework: Battery Energy Storage systems, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) systems, Car Port Chargers (including solar), Bus Chargers, Mobile EVCP Chargers, EVCP Test Equipment and Parking Bay Sensors. Call-offs can be made via direct award or further competition.

  • Access to market leading suppliers and the latest products and services.
  • The framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation - we've done the work, so there's no need for you to run a full EU procurement process.
  • Direct award call-off option. The framework is enabled so as to allow for direct award. For customers who have already conducted a 'desktop evaluation', a direct award can simplify the process, reducing time and cost in comparison to further competition.
  • For those with more complex requirements, the further competition is also offered.
  • Customers can purchase or lease anything from a single charge point to a full vehicle charging solution with back office for a number of sites.
  • Turnkey/end-to-end solutions are available, or Customers can pick and choose which elements they require from the supply chain (e.g. self-install).
  • Suppliers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their track record, experience, and technical and professional ability.
  • Access to a Buyer's Guide to help Customers determine their requirements (please see separately attached document).
  • Access to further competition template documents free of charge.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions. No need to worry about what terms and conditions to use as they've been pre-agreed under the framework and will underpin all orders.
  • BMM Energy
  • Chargemaster
  • E.ON Energy Solutions
  • Joju
  • POD Point
  • Siemens
  • New Motion
  • Smart Parking

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Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Key Facts
Framework 636_17
Start Date 01/07/2017
End Date 30/06/2021
Contract Notice 2017/S 053-097658
Award Notice 2017/S 143-294412