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Sandwiches, Food-To-Go, Confectionery and Snacks (Smart Solutions)

Status: Active

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Offers a competitive route to a range of sandwiches and other related products such as salads, pastries chocolate, crisps and biscuits.

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Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 Sandwiches and Food-To-Go

This lot covers the supply of a wide range of sandwiches, food-to-go and associated products including sandwiches, filled rolls and subs, bagels, baguettes, wraps, flatbreads, focaccias, toasties and paninis, a range of cater/hospitality packs, leaf, pasta or noodle-based salads, snacks pots, hot boxes, savoury pastries, sushi, yogurts, fruit and other desserts.

Lot 2 Confectionery and Snacks

This lot covers the supply of confectionery, snacks, sweets and soft drinks for both over the counter sales and self-filling vending machines in single serve, multipack and sharing packs in a variety of brands. Products include chocolate, candy and sugar products, crisps and snacks, nuts, cereal bars, biscuits and popcorn.

  • Provides a range of options such as sandwiches, fillings, salads, pastries, crisps, snacks and biscuits.
  • Offers vegetarian, vegan and lower-fat options to meet different dietary requirements.
  • Cost effective - sandwiches are available from 98p per pack.
  • Dunsters
  • PJs Foods
  • Soho Sandwich Company
  • Tiffin Sandwiches

If you’d like to contact us, quote reference no. M121_20 and enquire at;

Charlotte Springthorpe Charlotte Springthorpe 0116 294 4008

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Sandwiches, Food-To-Go, Confectionery and Snacks (Smart Solutions)

Key Facts
Reference no. M121_20
Start Date 21/07/2022
End Date 31/07/2024
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition