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Pest Control Products and Services

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Provides customers a quick, simple and competitive route to pest control products and services.

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The framework is essentially a select list of suppliers, all with a proven and successful track record of delivering pest control products and services, from whom customers may set up supply arrangements quickly and simply.

Lot 1 Supply of Pest Control Products

This Lot covers any type of pest control product to be used by a professionally qualified person. The products detailed in Section 4 (Lot 1 Supply of Pest Control Products) are a basket of the most popular products customers use. Should you want something not featured on this list, please contact all of the suppliers to request a quote via further competition.

Lot 2 Proactive & Reactive Pest Control Services

This Lot allows customers to create a contract for an on-going pest control service with their chosen supplier. This contract will consist of a number of routine calls per year in order to proactively manage pests on site. This will be specific to an individual customer’s requirement; enabling you the customer to determine the number of visits per year, what you want from the visits, and work to any budget you may have.

Lot 3 Emergency Reactive Pest Control Services

This Lot is for customers who have ad hoc requirements for pest control, usually when there is a sudden infestation of a particular pest(s). This lot can be used in emergency situations to deal with a one-off infestation. If customers wish to form an ongoing contract with a provider, they must do so through Lot 2 - Proactive & Reactive Pest Control Services.

  • One stop shop for all pest control requirements
  • Wide range of high-quality, pre-approved suppliers to ensure only the best service
  • Social value benefits can be obtained
  • AGS One
  • Contego Environmental Services
  • Dealey Environmental
  • EWS Group
  • John O’Conner (Grounds Maintenance)
  • Killgerm Chemicals
  • Orbis Protect Ltd
  • Rentokil Pest Control UK
  • Total Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Total Pest Control
  • Vergo Pest Management Ltd
  • Vermtek

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Pest Control Products and Services

Key Facts
Reference no. 150_21
Start Date 01/11/2021
End Date 31/10/2024
Extension Option 31/10/2025
Contract Notice 2021/S 000-020085
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition