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Managed Training Services

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This framework offers a route to purchasing managed training services. Managed training services is the provision of a complete service in relation to all (or the majority) of training requirements.

Our managed training service provider (MSP) will work with public bodies to create a comprehensive catalogue of training courses designed for each individual customer with reference to training history and known future training requirements.

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This ESPO framework offers users a quick, simple and competitive route to purchasing Managed Training Services. Managed Training Services is the provision of a complete service in relation to all (or the majority) of the customer's training requirements. This type of service provision is where a single Managed Service Provider (MSP) takes responsibility for the customer's training, as opposed to the customer managing a selection of individual training suppliers themselves.

The MSP will work with the customer to create a comprehensive catalogue of training courses with reference to the customer's training history and known future training requirements. The MSP will source and manage new suppliers and be able to contract directly with the customer's existing suppliers.

Managed Training Services

  • This framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislation - we've done the work, so there's no need for you to run a full EU procurement process.
  • Service Providers listed on the framework were assessed during the procurement process for their financial stability, track record, experience and technical & professional ability.
  • What you see is what you pay - there are no additional charges.
  • Pre-agreed terms & conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.
  • Cost efficiencies and savings, both directly and indirectly, by eliminating the need to deal directly with a multiplicity of specialist training organisations.
  • Cost transparency, making it clear where money is being spent in regards to training.
  • High level of management information available, hence helping to improve budgetary information and allowing engagement activity to feed into decisions around corporate training policies, strategies etc.
  • A number of additional aspects have been included on the framework.
  • Learner Management System (LMS), consultancy and project management are now available for the customer to select as additional services, enabling more flexibility within the specification.
  • Key changes between the original framework and the new framework have been listed in Section 7 of the User Guide.
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Managed Training Services

Key Facts
Framework 383_17
Start Date 12/09/2017
End Date 11/09/2021
Contract Notice 2017/S 118-237308
Award Notice 2017/S 193-396500