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Fitness Equipment (Supply, Delivery, Installation & Maintenance)

Status: Active

Providing access to a range of fitness equipment, this framework is suitable for new and bespoke projects. Delivery, installation and maintenance options are available.

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This framework is mainly for purchase but it also allows for customer's to request lease options directly from suppliers. All of the suppliers have been selected for their experience and ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of products that combine quality and value.

Lot 1 Fitness Equipment – Bespoke Projects

For customers to run a further competition exercise for their specific requirements.

Lot 2 New Fitness Equipment Price List

A price list for purchasing new equipment via call-off or customers can run a further competition for their specific requirements by subA price list for purchasing remanufactured fitness equipment for those on a lower budget via call-off or customers can run a further competition for their specific requirements by sub-lot or whole lot. Whilst for purchase mainly, Lot 2 also allows lease options to be offered direct by suppliers upon a customer's request.

  • Includes supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of fitness equipment for a convenient and efficient set up.
  • Provides access to Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) equipment, designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences.
  • Offers a specific Lot for bespoke projects, allowing you to bring your vision to life specifically for your requirements.
  • Suppliers can provide a wide range of cardiovascular (CV) and strength equipment.
  • Lot 2 details a concise list of priced fitness equipment from all the market leading brands.
  • BLK BOX Fitness Ltd
  • Core Health & Fitness Trading Ltd
  • Fitness Warehouse Ltd t/a Gym Gear
  • Indigo Fitness Ltd
  • Johnson Health Tech UK Ltd
  • Life Fitness (UK) Ltd
  • Origin Fitness Ltd
  • Pulse Fitness Ltd
  • ServiceSport (UK) Ltd
  • Technogym UK Ltd

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Fitness Equipment (Supply, Delivery, Installation & Maintenance)

Key Facts
Framework 345_20
Start Date 01/02/2020
End Date 31/01/2024
Extension Option N/A
Contract Notice 2019/S 150-368868
Award Notice 2020/S 053-127281
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition