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Curtains, Blinds and other Associated Products

Status: Active

Provides customers with a competitive route to procure the supply and installation of curtains to grilles.

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Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 Supply and Installation of Curtains and Blinds

Lot 2 Supply and Installation of Electrical Powered Blinds

Lot 3 Supply and Installation of Theatre and Drama Room Equipment

Lot 4 Supply and Installation of Security Shutters and Grilles

  • Offers a competitive route to the supply and installation of curtains, blinds, security shutters and more.
  • Includes Lot specifically for electrical powered blinds.
  • Get a free no-obligation quote for a wide range of curtains, blinds and other associated services, which are made per order and fitted as per your request.
  • Custom Group Ltd
  • Volvina Ltd

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Ria Mclauchlan Ria Mclauchlan 07748 624 366

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Curtains, Blinds and other Associated Products

Key Facts
Framework 229_20
Start Date 01/09/2020
End Date 31/08/2024
Extension Option N/A
Contract Notice 2020/S 115-280599
Award Notice 2020/S 183-443145
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition