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Consultancy Services (Smart Solutions)

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Smart Solutions, powered by ESPO, is a collection of agreements that have been developed to allow the public sector the chance to benefit from over 40 years’ worth of experience within procurement. If you are a public sector organisation, please browse our ESPO frameworks. Provides an efficient solution if you’re looking for trustworthy, expert advice on everything from food and catering to public health and social care to treasury management. Select ‘Get Started’ to view the agreement documentation. You can access everything you need to start the procurement process by completing the Access & Confidentiality Agreement.

Framework Accordion Title

With a wide range of areas covered, the agreement allows for a wide range of needs; from consultations on waste and recycling, to finance, to auditing consultancy services. The flexibility of this agreement allows it to be convenient, with the possibility of selecting more than one consultancy service from numerous service providers but all accessed in one place - saving you time, money and your mind. The scope of the agreement covers consultancy in the areas of: Asset Management and Delivery Auditing Consultancy Audit Services Business Services Community Research and Engagement Environmental and Sustainability Facilities Management Food and Catering General Finance Health and Safety Highways, Transport and Logistics Housing and Housing Support Leisure, Culture and Tourism Marketing, Communications and PR Operational IT Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure Procurement Public Health Regeneration and Regional Development Revenues and Benefits Social Care (Adults) Social Care (Children) Strategic IT Strategic Projects Tax Treasury Management Waste and Recycling

Lot 1 Business Services

Alternative delivery models; Brexit preparedness, response and contingency planning; Business continuity and resilience; Business transformation; Change management; Corporate social responsibility; Disaster recovery systems and testing; HR and Payroll; Improvement programmes; Legislation compliance; Organisational design and policy; Pandemic preparedness, response and contingency planning; Process mapping; Programme management; Project management; Quality management; Risk management and mitigation; Service improvement; Strategy development; Supply chain management

Lot 2a Auditing Consultancy

Audit assessments; Audit consultancy; Audit services; Audit strategies and methodologies; Benchmarking and quality assurance; External audits; Financial audits; Governance, risk and internal control; Internal audits

Lot 2b Internal Audit Services

Benchmarking and quality assurance; Compliance reviewing; Corporate governance; Fraud investigation; Internal control reviewing; Internal audits; Operational reviewing; Risk management; Specified purpose audits

Lot 2c External Audit Services

Benchmarking and quality assurance; Compliance reviewing; Corporate governance; External assurance services; External audits; Financial audit; Fraud investigation; Risk management; Specified purpose audits; Statutory audit

Lot 2d General Finance

Actuary, investments and pensions; Banking; External funding; Financial analysis and reporting; Financial modelling and model reviews; Financial options; Financial reviews, evaluations and feasibility studies; Financial policies and strategies; Financial procedures and processes; Funding applications and grants;

Lot 2e Procurement

Category management; Contract management; Corporate Social Responsibility; E-sourcing; Efficiencies and savings; European and global sourcing; Process mapping and optimisation; Procurement strategy development and implementation; Social Value; Supplier integration; Supplier relationship management; Supply chain resilience

Lot 2f Revenues and Benefits

Efficiency reviews; Government returns; Heath check programmes; Model adoptions; Payment arrears

Lot 2g Tax

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme); Compliance and advisory; Corporation tax; Efficiency schemes; Employment tax; Land tax; NICs; PAYE; Policy development; Stamp duty; Tax accounting services; Tax planning; Tax technologies; VAT

Lot 2h Treasury Management

Accounting treatment; Credit ratings; Codes of practice; Debt management; External loan portfolios; Investment reviews and strategies; Legislation; Market conditions; Prudential indicators; Treasury management risks

Lot 3 Food and Catering

Commercial feasibility and technical reviews; Equipment and facilities; Food and drink menus; Food hygiene; Healthy eating programmes; Legislation compliance; Nutrition; Options appraisals

Lot 4a Public Health

Behavioural science; Biostatistics; Developing and implementing of public health schemes; Environmental health; Epidemiology; Health education; Health services administration; Pandemic contingency;

Lot 4b Social Care (Adults)

Care toolkits; Clinical evaluations; Collaborative working arrangements; Commissioning models; Departmental and service reviews; Demand management; Health and social care integration; Outreach programmes; New service business cases; Personalisation; Safeguarding; Service efficiency plans and improvements; Service user pathways; Technology developments;

Lot 4c Social Care (Children)

Care toolkits; Clinical evaluations; Collaborative working arrangements; Commissioning models; Demand management; Departmental and service reviews; New service business cases; Outreach programmes; Personalisation; Safeguarding; Service efficiency plans and improvements; Service user pathways; Technology developments;

Lot 5 Highways, Traffic and Transport

Cycle route planning or improvements; Demand management; Highways asset management strategies; Impact assessments; Intelligent transport systems; Junction planning or improvements; Pedestrian route planning or improvements; Public transport route planning or improvements; Road/Route safety; Street and traffic management; Transport and transport links; Travel initiatives; Travel plans and planning; Transport planning and modelling

Lot 6a Operational IT

Cloud Solutions; Server solutions; Software assurance; Systems development and analysis; Telecommunications; Wireless solutions; Cyber security solutions

Lot 6b Strategic IT

Capability assessment, review and development; Cost analysis and projection; Data Protection and cyber security; Digital Strategy Development; Disaster recovery; Forecast, planning and strategy; IT project and programme management; Policy development, maintenance and review; Process mapping and optimisation; Risk assessment and risk management (specific to IT)

Lot 7 Leisure, Culture and Tourism

Commercial and efficiency reviews; Funding and funding applications; Increasing public use of services; Management improvement programmes; Outsourcing of services; Service strategy design; Sport and Library service studies; Technical reviews; Trusts and joint ventures

Lot 8a Asset Management and Delivery

Acquisitions; Evaluations and reviews; Liability; Maintenance; Management and delivery; Mapping; Rationalisation; Remodelling; Sale and disposal

Lot 8b Environmental and Sustainability

Assessments and appraisals; Alternative energy; Archaeology studies; Biodiversity; Carbon foot-printing and reduction; Carbon reduction and climate change adaptation; Climate change adaptation and mitigation; Eco-towns; Environmental audits; Environmental initiatives; Environmental legislation; Energy efficiency and targets; Flood alleviation and drainage; Green technologies; Heat networks; Landscape management; Mapping; Modelling; Pollution; Resource efficiency behaviour change programmes; Smart cities; Sustainability; Water management; Waste auditing;

Lot 8c Facilities Management

Lot 8d Health and Safety

Delivery models; Fire risk; Hard FM consultancy; Outsourcing of FM services; Premises, caretaking and cleaning; Property security; Reorganisation of FM services; Soft FM consultancy

Lot 8e Housing and Housing Support

Benchmarking; Development project management; Governance; Homelessness; Housing needs and assessments; Investment programmes; Management and support; Quality assurance; Process mapping; Regeneration project management; Revenue optimisation and funding; Risk and internal control; Service improvement and performance; Supported housing; Tenant participation schemes; Tenant scrutiny; Transfers and de-commissioning

Lot 8f Planning, Valuation and Structure

Agricultural and retail planning; Employment land reviews; Local economic assessments; Planning applications and appeals; Planning legislation; Planning taxes and levies; Spatial planning; Specialist planning

Lot 8g Regeneration and Regional Development

Business case development; Employment land reviews; Government policy and awareness; Income generation schemes; Local business development; Local economic assessments; Regeneration and economic development; Supply chain development; Sustainable community strategies; Sustainable economic growth plans

Lot 8h Waste and Recycling

Auditing services; Alternative waste treatment; Business cases; Campaigns; Carbon assessments; Commercial waste; Domestic waste; Legislation; Management investment programmes; New waste sites; Options appraisals; Permits and accreditations; Policies and strategies; Service reviews; Street cleansing support services

Lot 9a Community Research and Engagement

Academic research; Communication; Community research and strategies; Customer insight information; Demand management; Feedback facilitation; Public dialogue, engagement and consultation; Soft market testing; Stakeholder engagement

Lot 9b Marketing, Communications and PR

Branding; Creative communications; Communication and marketing materials; Crisis management; Digital communications; Events management; Market research; Marketing campaigns, plans and strategies; Media relations; Social media; Targeting strategies; Website design

Lot 10 Strategic Projects

This Lot will be for Customers seeking advice and support across a broad range of disciplines in relation to high value and/or complex, strategic Projects. It is anticipated that such Projects will require a combination of the Consultancy Services outlined under Lots 1-9, although the scope of the requirement is not limited to these Services. Examples of such Projects may include, but not limited to, the following: Infrastructure Projects Organisations reviews and re-design Outsourcing Projects Shared Services implementations Business start-ups and joint partnerships This Lot is limited to Projects that require multi-specialism Consultancy. Where the Customer’s requirements are covered under another Lot of the Framework (i.e. a specific discipline of Consultancy is required) this Lot should not be used. Please note: the route to market for this framework is via further competition only; you can not direct award to a service provider under lot 10.

    Includes 10 Lots, with multiple sublots, to provide a variety of consultancy services on areas such as health and safety, IT, fiancé services and general business services. Includes a specific Lot for strategic projects, so if you require advice across multiple areas or have a particularly complex requirement, the agreement can be tailored to you. Our suppliers have been assessed on track record and experience, so you can be sure that you’re getting legitimate, trustworthy advice. Pricing has been structured based on consultant seniority level, ensuring that customers have access to the best resource for the best value for money. Social value is included on this agreement and may be included as part of the award criteria.
  • Arch Communications (UK) Limited
  • Campbell Tickell Limited
  • CIPFA C.Co Ltd
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Eunomia Research & Consulting Limited
  • Focus Consultants 2010 LLP
  • Frith Resource Management Ltd
  • Grant Thornton UK LLP
  • HW Controls & Assurance Ltd
  • IMPOWER Consulting Limited
  • Link Treasury Services Limited
  • Peopletoo Limited
  • Private Public Ltd (PPL)
  • RealWorldHR Limited
  • RedQuadrant Limited
  • Seymour John Public Services (Midlands) Limited
  • Stantec UK Limited
  • Steer Davies & Gleave Limited
  • Touchstone Renard Limited
  • V4 Services Limited
  • Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Limited
  • WSP UK Limited

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Consultancy Services (Smart Solutions)

Key Facts
Framework M664_21
Start Date 08/10/2021
End Date 07/10/2025
Procurement Type Direct Award or Further Competition