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Electrical Testing Services

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This framework is for the provision of electrical testing services, namely portable appliance testing, fixed installation testing, and the electrical testing of street lighting and street furniture.

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This framework is for the provision of electrical testing services, namely portable appliance testing, fixed installation testing, and the electrical testing of street lighting and street furniture.

Lot 1 Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

A portable appliance is an item of electrical equipment which is connected to the power supplier with a flex and a plug. This includes computers and their components. Testing engineers will inspect, test and certify all your portable appliances, as covered by the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) Code of Practice, and provide advice as to their condition and safety. A written report and test certificate will be provided as evidence that your portable appliances have had a combined inspection and electrical safety test.

Lot 2 Fixed Installation Testing (FIT)

A fixed electrical installation includes all parts of a distribution system from the main incoming supply point through to wiring accessories such as sockets and light fittings, and everything in between. Guidance suggests that fixed installations are tested on average every 5 years however ultimately this is the customer’s decision. The process of FIT involves a similar process to that of PAT in that a thorough visual inspection is carried out along with electronic tests. Engineers are looking to identify any potentially dangerous defects within the system that may lead to fire or injury. The benchmark for this inspection and test process is BS 7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations) which provides guidance on how systems must be designed, installed and maintained. After an initial visual inspection, several electronic tests are carried out by injecting test voltages and current through the system to determine the integrity and functionality of cables, accessories and disconnection devices. This form of test and inspection is paramount to safety in the workplace. A written Periodic Inspection Report will be provided as evidence that your fixed installations have had a combined inspection and electrical safety test. In addition to details and characteristics of the installation that has been tested the report will also provide the client with a list of any defects or deviations from the British Standard that may have been identified during testing.

Lot 3 Electrical Testing of Street Lighting and Street Furniture

Each street lighting asset, illuminated signs/bollards and similar street furniture that requires electrical testing will have the following six tests carried out under this agreement and the results recorded in electronic format;Visual inspection to establish the condition of all electrical components, fixings, wiring and terminations, and integrity of the column door and surround;Verification of correct rating of protective device, continuity of protective conductors and earth bonding;Polarity;Insulation resistance between live/earth and neutral/earth with assembly wiring disconnected;Earth fault loop impedance at District Network Operator supply cut-out;Capacitance Test shall be carried out and the results of measured values recorded against stated values. Note: this contract specification excludes the electrical testing of catenaries and mast columns over 12m in height from their base mounting point.

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Framework 306_19
Start Date 12/07/2019
End Date 30/06/2021
Contract Notice 2019/S 088-211190
Award Notice 2019/S 149-367605