Advertising Solutions 2 (ETL)

Status: Active
The framework is essentially a select list of service providers, all with a proven and successful track record of providing advertising solutions, from whom customers may set up supply arrangements quickly and simply. To find out more please select ‘Get Started’ below to view framework documentation including the User Guide. For some documents such as a Service Provider Overview and Geographical Coverage you’ll need to complete the Access & Confidentiality Agreement – this can also be found via the ‘Get Started’ tab once you’re logged in, midway down the page, and should be completed directly on the website.

Framework Accordion Title

    This framework provides a one stop solution to marketing needs of any public sector bodies.

    If you’d like to contact us, quote reference Framework M3A_20 and enquire at;

    Katerina Staskova 07584 145744

    Or alternatively use the form below:

    Advertising Solutions 2 (ETL)

    Key Facts
    Framework M3A_20
    Start Date 25/10/2021
    End Date 30/11/2022