Advertising Solutions (Smart Solutions)

Status: Active
Smart Solutions, powered by ESPO, is a collection of agreements that have been developed to allow third sector organisations the chance to benefit from over 40 years’ worth of experience within procurement. If you are a public sector organisation, please browse our ESPO frameworks.

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Framework Accordion Title

Lot 1 Recruitment Advertising & Related Services

This lot is for customers who wish to access a broad range of services in terms of recruitment advertising, employer branding and other resourcing related marketing services, making use of several approaches in order to attract the most suitable candidates.

Lot 2 Public Notices Advertising

This lot is for customers wishing to access a broad range of services in terms of public notices advertising, making use of several of approaches in order to publish statutory notices.

Lot 3 Campaign Advertising & Related Services

This lot has been established for customers seeking to access a broad range of services in terms of campaign and media related advertising. The type of campaigns that can be conducted under the lot may be broad and diverse.

Lot 4 Student Marketing

This lot is for education customers (primarily universities0 wishing to contract with an organisation that specialises in the provision of broad range of services in terms of student attraction/recruitment advertising, customer branding and other related marketing services which allow the customer to attract potential students based in the UK and internationally in countries specified by the customer.

    This framework provides a one stop solution to marketing needs of any third sector bodies.
  • CJA Group Ltd.
  • Havas People Ltd

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Advertising Solutions (Smart Solutions)

Key Facts
Framework M3A_20
Start Date 25/10/2021
End Date 30/11/2024