Coronavirus - working with your MSP

Coronavirus - working with your MSP

The information on this page is for customers who have appointed a Managed Service Provider through our MSTAR3 framework (653F_19).


Regular contact with your Managed Service Provider 

ESPO is in regular communication with all MSPs to ensure the appropriate messages and contact with customers is maintained throughout this period. They are fully aware of the scope and potential scale of the impact of COVID-19 and are ready to assist you.

Maintaining contact with your MSP will ensure that they are prepared to support you with any challenges moving forward.


Management Information

ESPO is ensuring your MSP has an appropriate process for capturing workers that are affected and will be able to provide you with a new set of MI that is relevant to COVID-19 retention payments.

Further to this, MSPs will be able to provide market update information to you which may include candidate availability, supply chain capacity, time to fill etc. We suggest that this information is provided on a frequency that is acceptable to you. Most customers are requesting this data either weekly or fortnightly. This will enable you and your MSP to react quickly to changes.


Sharing of COVID-19 worker affected forecasting information

If possible, contracting authorities should be sharing information on their forecasts for affected workers over the coming weeks. MSPs know this is hard to predict but they need to ensure your supply chains are ready to cope with any rise and fall in demand you may have.


Extending Current Supply Chains

Working with your MSP to developed stronger supply chains in your key areas will be critical for success. Look at bringing in additional agencies particularly local agencies to add additional capacity. All new agencies will still need to be appropriately checked and onboarded via your MSP.


Development of talent pools

Some public sector organisations are looking to develop talent pools for their most critical workers. Whether that be a simple database or a talent pool technology platform, speak to either your MSP or an MSTAR3 Lot 3 provider and discuss the potential options for developing pools of compliant workers that can be accessed quickly.


Demand management

MSPs and authorities should be considering worker job categories that are key frontline roles and high-risk within the authority, and be looking at develop an understanding of how these requirements can be protected over the coming weeks either by redeployment, reskilling/new training or a recruitment drive to ensure fulfilment is maximised. This information should be kept fluid between both organisations. 


Skills Analysis

There may be scope to source workers from outside of normal public sector remit. Skills are becoming more and more transferrable between the public and private sector. MSPs may start to carry out skills analysis to try to find workers outside of your normal pool of candidates, this should be discussed as an option with your MSP. The decimation of the private sectors requirements may well bring additional resource into the public sector where needed.


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