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Your sandwich and food-to-go products covered with framework 121

Your sandwich and food-to-go products covered with framework 121

Framework 121 provides access to a range of sandwiches, food-to-go, confectionery and snack products, helping your organisation find simple and easier catering solutions.

We understand that due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, pre-packed sandwiches and food-to-go type products are in more demand, particularly with schools and NHS. This framework caters for different diets, sandwich options and sizes, offers sustainable solutions across multiple suppliers and more, so you can provide a wide range of quality food for on the go - and rest assured, all suppliers have Third Party Food Safety Accreditations.

What’s available on the framework?

The product range available includes sandwiches and other related products made from a variety of breads with a wide range of fillings, salads, snack pots, hot boxes, savoury pastries and sushi and also covers the provision of chocolate, candy, crisps, snacks and biscuits.

We have split the framework into two Lots allowing you to set up supply arrangements quickly and simply:

Lot 1:
Sandwiches and Food-to-Go
Lot 2:
Confectionery and Snacks

Through Lot 1 of the framework, suppliers provide a comprehensive range of products that combine quality, value and satisfy all dietary requirements including, but not limited to:

  Sandwiches, filled rolls and subs, bagels, baguettes, wraps, flatbreads, focaccias, toasties and paninis - available in a variety of breads including wholemeal, white, oatmeal, malted, soft grain and other speciality and artisan breads.
  Products with simple fillings for instance with no added mayonnaise and different levels of filling to suit appetite and budget.
  Products suitable for vegetarian, vegan and lower fat diets including organic and free-range ingredients as well as products to suit cultural and/or gluten free diets.
  A range of cater packs/hospitality packs (multiple product packs) and products presented on platters suitable for use within catering services.
  Leaf, pasta or noodle-based salads, snack pots, hot boxes, savoury pastries, sushi and other food-to-go related products.
  Yogurts, fruit and other desserts.

You can find out more about the two Lots and the suppliers featured under each one in the User Guide.

Why use framework 121?

  • Sandwiches cater for a wide range of diets including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and dairy free.
  • National coverage including Scotland and Wales and features recognized leading market suppliers.
  • Offers a range of sandwich sizes for children, adults, multi-tray buffet style.
  • Multiple suppliers offering sustainable solutions.
  • A ‘meal deal’ type offering is available i.e. sandwich or other food-to-go product, a snack and soft drink.
  • Suppliers can offer point of sale materials to customers.
  • All suppliers have Third Party Food Safety Accreditations.
  • There are 64 different vegetarian and vegan sandwich options and 31 different gluten free sandwich options available.

What else can ESPO help you with?

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As with all our frameworks, those listed above are completely free to access and our procurement experts are on hand to support you as much or as little as you need.

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