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Why you? Creating and expressing win themes in bids

Why you? Creating and expressing win themes in bids

HealthBid - an ESPO Consultancy Services framework supplier - discuss developing and expressing win themes when creating tender proposals.

You know that your organisation will do the best job of providing this contract - so how do you make sure the Commissioner knows it too? Win themes, unique selling points, golden threads; whatever you call them, using win themes is key to producing a compelling, successful tender.
By focusing on your assets and showing the Commissioner how fantastic your organisation is, you separate yourselves from your competition. 

When used effectively, win themes can drastically increase your chance of winning the contract that you’re bidding for framing your proposal as the best solution and setting it apart from the competition. Ultimately, your win themes will provide the tender evaluation panel with a firm, consistent proposal that highlights your organisation’s strengths and firmly asserts that you are the best for the job.

Creating and developing win themes

Developing win themes is the first step in bid preparation, and will enable you to centre each response, maintaining consistency and persuasiveness. By establishing your themes first and foremost, you can actively ensure each question response keeps drawing the Commissioner back to your benefits.

Each opportunity you bid for should have unique win themes, tailored to the individual contract. While your organisation may have consistent strengths, it is crucial to evaluate these strengths as a part of the bid process to determine how well they fit into the tender - don’t take your strengths for granted and just recycle old win themes!

When establishing fresh win themes, you should incorporate 3 main components:

  Your strength as an organisation
Here’s the easy one. What makes you the best? It might be your expert team of experienced staff, or your excellent track record in collaborative working. Whatever your strengths, make sure the Commissioner knows them from the outset.


  Your organisation's suitability for the opportunity
Here, it is key to think about specifics; experience in the sector, local presence, current related contracts you provide. This is also an excellent opportunity to bring in some competitor analysis - find out what sets you apart from the competition, and exploit it through your win themes.


  The priorities and requirements of the Commissioner
Here’s your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the Commissioner’s values, priorities and requirements. Map your win themes against the tender specification, evaluation criteria and pricing to firmly place yourself at the top of the Commissioner’s list. Try to mirror the language used by the Commissioner, adapting your strengths so that they immediately stand out as benefits.

Start with a list of each point that fits in to the above, then whittle them down. It’s best to emphasise three to four win themes per tender, to keep your proposal focused and the Commissioner engaged.

Expressing your win themes in bids

Once your win themes are established, it is crucial to ensure you are expressing them effectively in your bid. Each win theme should be weaved throughout each response, repeatedly bringing the Commissioner back to the conclusion that your organisation is the best to provide this contract. Pre-writing storyboarding can be a great asset here, allowing your team to determine how and where each win theme fits in to each question.

Win themes can be expressed in a range of ways; repeated descriptive language, case studies – what’s key is making your proposal as tangible as possible. The more real-life examples you can use the more convincing your argument.

As much as win themes form a key part of bid kick-off activities, they should also form a vital part of your review processes. It’s important to review and refine each response, keeping your win themes in mind throughout - where else could you fit them in? Remember to keep bringing each point back to the Commissioner benefits, and how you can achieve them.

Carry your win themes through the process, using them to inform presentations and dialogues. Now that you’ve established yourself as the clear winner, you can use every opportunity to express those win themes and confirm to the Commissioner exactly why they should select you.

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