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What makes a successful outsourced training service?

What makes a successful outsourced training service?


Wondering how to make your outsourced training service a success? GP Strategies Limited, a supplier on our Managed Training Services framework (383), have your key questions covered.


How do customers put in place a successful outsourced managed training service?

The key is planning and developing an agreed vision and strategy.

1. Where do you want your organisational learning to be in three years?
2. What do you want from a managed training provider?
3. Can you articulate your objectives and vision in a simple message?
4. Do you have a built in agility to be flexible in your requirements?


What are some of the key elements in selecting a managed training provider?

You need confidence in the capability, capacity, experience and footprint of your provider.

1. Spend time getting to know your project team
2. Ensure there are opportunities to build the relationship
3. Determine how the relationship will add value

What factors are key for developing and managing the relationship?


It's all about the managed training provider's people, change management, transition and communications. Someone with experience will be able to work and guide clients through the process, managing change effectively and with visibility on the progress towards their goal and vision.


What processes and tools should be in place to ensure a successful outcome?

Along with a depth of relevant experience the right managed training partner will come with a set of proven processes and tools that will allow them to implement and run a learning programme/system in partnership with its customer.


"What I would say to customers is that once you've been through the procurement phase, select a partner who you enjoy working with, who challenges and adds real learning values, because that relationship will be essential in ensuring the success for both partners." - Tony Reilly, EMEA Vice President, GP Strategies Limited

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