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Supplier Feature - The Keyholding Company

Supplier Feature - The Keyholding Company

How to keep your school safe during winter

The winter months bring with them a series of security risks to schools, while the economic downturn is stretching caretaking budgets. Add in the priority to keep staff and pupils safe and it becomes imperative that your school plans its approach to winter security as early as possible.

In addition to regular security measures during school hours and term time, leadership teams need a cohesive, cost-effective plan in place for keeping their premises safe outside of school hours and throughout the holidays. Luckily, The Keyholding Company, a supplier on the ESPO Security Services Framework (347), is on hand to offer some advice.

What are the risks to schools during the winter months?

Staff are increasingly finding themselves responsible for responding to alarm calls or allowing contracting crews onto the premises out of hours. Not only does this represent a security risk but it adds another responsibility to an already growing list that teachers take on in their role. They may even be tasked with locking and unlocking the premises in darkness during term time; they might not feel safe navigating the grounds or carrying out these duties.

The extended Christmas holiday presents a challenging prospect. Anti-social behaviour is at its peak during this time, while schools become a popular target for property theft as criminals look to exploit a lack of security. It’s vital to have a provision for protecting your grounds from those who shouldn’t be there.

So, what can you do?

Protect your staff by leaving alarm response to the experts

Keep your staff out of harm’s way by choosing an alarm response specialist. They’ll be best-placed to respond to the alarm quickly, assess the situation and keep your premises secure if emergency services are needed.

Delegate responsibility for locking and unlocking your premises

Outsource the responsibility for locks and unlocks, so your staff feel secure out of hours and during the holidays. Dedicated officers can conduct final checks and set the alarm before locking your premises at night and open up promptly the next morning.

When maintenance crews or contractors need to be let into the building, leave it to a trained officer. Your staff won’t be called out over the weekend or during their hard-earned holidays, keeping them protected and covering the school in case of accrued time in lieu.

Deter criminality with mobile patrols

If you’re looking for a visual deterrent to anti-social behaviour or attempts at property theft, you should consider mobile patrols from a licensed security officer. Making sure your school has year-round perimeter and grounds protection limits criminal activity, protects your premises from theft or vandalism, and discourages seasonal mischief.

In summary

Security within schools is paramount. This winter, it’s vital that measures are put in place to safeguard not only your staff and students, but your premises too.

Through the ESPO Security Services Framework (347), you have access to a wealth of approved security providers who you can rely upon to provide your school with the services it needs.

The Keyholding Company is one of these providers, offering a full suite of services to help you keep your school safe all year round.

For more information on the framework and how it can help you, head to ESPO's dedicated webpage.