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Service update: going paperless

Service update: going paperless

ESPO are always looking at ways we can improve our services. We have recently introduced a Going Paperless initiative to reduce paper usage throughout our offices and warehouse.

In line with this initiative, we have made changes to a number of our customer processes; this will not only support our environmentally friendly agenda, but will also save you time and offers a more secure process for payments and invoicing.

Electronic Remittance Advice

For customers who choose to/already pay by BACS Transfer, please note that Remittance Advice must now be sent electronically to Mailed Remittance Advice will no longer be accepted.

PDF Invoicing

As part of this initiative, we are looking to send invoices via PDF only.

If you do not currently receive your invoices digitally, please fill out the form below to ensure the invoice will be sent to the relevant persons in your organisation. Where possible, we encourage the use of a generic email address to avoid lost invoices through staff changes. Please note: if you do not receive your invoices directly or if you already recieve PDF invoices, you do not need to fill out this form.

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