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Reuse, recycle and more - waste solutions from ESPO

Reuse, recycle and more - waste solutions from ESPO

Recycling not only makes financial sense for businesses by saving money, but as a priority it supports corporate social responsibility and has a positively substantial impact on the environment and communities around us.

Organisations across the UK are making progress in improving recycling rates and disposing of waste correctly, but evidently there is still some way to go to achieve the UK’s zero waste target.

To help support public sector organisations, we have highlighted some of our key frameworks that provide you with a flexible, compliant, single route to market for disposing of your waste effectively and efficiently. These frameworks are well equipped to ensuring customers are helping to facilitate and support zero waste.


Waste, Recycling Collection and Disposal Services (379)
Hazardous and Specialist Waste Services (378)
Refuse and Recycling Products (860)
Washroom Services (239)
Secure Shredding and Disposal (981)
Lot 1 of our Specialist Vehicles framework (215)

This solution provides collection and disposal services for common waste and recycling. There is also a dedicated food waste collection and recycling service available which offers further opportunity to reduce costs, whilst also helping to meet environmental aspirations by supporting the zero waste to landfill initiative.

Why use Framework 379?

  • Framework access through direct award for a range of waste and recycling collections nationwide via a simple, efficient process.
  • Pre-agreed robust terms and conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.
  • Value - prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden charges.

Framework 378 delivers a solution for the collection and disposal of specialist waste as well as waste from site clearances. Suppliers on the framework take environmental matters seriously so rest assured they can provide you with a sustainable solution for managing your waste.

Why use Framework 378?


  • ​This renewed framework covers the collection of specialist waste, liquid waste and site clearances, uniquely to many others in the market.
  • ​A hazardous waste collection and disposal Lot is coming soon, covering disposal of chemicals, WEEE waste, oil and the provision of a chemist to attend site to identify waste.


Framework 860 offers simplicity and provides you with the flexibility to choose exactly what you need. Our wide range of suppliers offer a variety of products to help facilitate the recycling requirement covering wheelie bins, recycling bags and boxes, food waste containers and more - ensuring your needs are met and you have plenty of options to choose from!

Why use Framework 860?


  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Quick and easy direct award process with built in terms and conditions
  • Key suppliers in the market are awarded onto the framework
  • Wheeled bins include recycled plastic content as standard


Secure shredding of documents not only saves space in your workplace and protects sensitive data, but also helps to produce less waste and reduce harmful footprint on the environment. Our suppliers listed recycle the paper they shred, so rest assured when using the framework, you are helping to conserve valuable resources, reduce pollution and help achieve recycling targets.

Why use Framework 981?
  • Eco-friendly - our suppliers recycle the paper they shred
  • ​GDPR compliance - a huge part of GDPR compliance is disposing of your confidential data in a safe and secure manner, our suppliers can provide you with a full audit trail for your records.
  • Time saving - you’ll no longer need to shred documents manually sheet by sheet, and there’s also no need to remove staples and paper clips.

This solution covers the collection and disposal of sanitary waste, nappy and incontinence waste, medical and sharps waste, roller towels, hand dryers, matting solutions and the supply of associated washroom related equipment. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been new collection procedures put in place in relation to this framework, which suppliers listed have been able to adapt to.

Why use Framework 239?

  • ​Highly competitive pricing (sanitary bin collection from as little as £1.30 per bin).
  • ​Pre-agreed robust terms and conditions to underpin all orders so no need to worry.
  • ​Key suppliers in the market are awarded onto the framework.
  • ​A range of washroom equipment is available including air sanitizer units

Our Specialist Vehicles framework (215) has a dedicated Lot for the purchase of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs). The solution has a range of key suppliers for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Why use Framework 215?

  • All key marketplace manufacturers featured
  • Direct award option available
  • ​All available powertrains covered
  • There are different vehicle sizes covered from the smallest 7.5tonne to 32tonne
  • Kerbside recycling vehicles included
  • Competitive terms of discount from suppliers

Looking to aggregate a number of facilities management requirements for further savings through a single supplier? We are currently in the process of retendering for the provision of total facilities management services. This is a solution that will include the delivery for some waste related services, namely:

General Waste
Recycled Waste
Classified Waste
Special or Hazardous Waste
Waste Management

If you would like to find out more about this framework replacement, please contact the team on

Don’t forget, our team of procurement experts at ESPO can provide guidance on any aspect of your procurement journey, including reviewing documents and discussing the best route to market.

Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find the right framework and solution to suit your needs, and can be involved in the tendering process as much or as little as you wish.

For more information about any of the above frameworks, contact our Waste and Environment team on