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Refuse and recycling product solutions with Framework 860

Refuse and recycling product solutions with Framework 860

Recycling has been an important topic for some time and has become more of a significant concern in recent years, with targets to reduce waste and recycle more to help protect the environment we live in.

Whilst many organisations and individuals are taking steps towards achieving these targets such as changing to recycled packaging or correctly disposing of individual waste, in 2017 we recycled just 46% of plastic packaging in the UK (Source: Statista). Although there has been a steady rise, it suggests that there is still a high amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and possibly the ocean which leaches out harmful chemicals.

Recycling and disposing of waste correctly are not just fundamental to protecting the environment, there are also other areas that your organisation can benefit from such as saving money due to spending less on waste disposal or having more efficient ways to operate which can help towards a better reputation.

When it comes to recycling products and bins, we can help support your organisation with its recycling requirements and disposing of waste correctly through Framework 860. Recently extended to January 2022, the solution offers simplicity and provides you with the flexibility to choose exactly what you need all in one place.

Our wide range of suppliers offer a variety of products to help facilitate the recycling requirement covering wheelie bins, recycling bags and boxes, food waste containers and more - ensuring your needs are met and you have plenty of options to choose from!


Find the right solution for your organisation

To help you find the right solution, the framework has been split in 15 distinct Lots. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular ones and what they cover:

Lot 1A - 2 Wheeled Plastic Bins
Lot 1B - 4 Wheeled Plastic Bins
Lot 6 - Kerbside Recycling Boxes Lot 9 - Food Waste Containers (Caddies)
Lot 10 Compostable Liners Lot 11 Plastic Refuse Sacks Lot 13 Totally Managed Solution for Supply of Compost Bins

As well as the Lots listed above, the framework also provides access to bin lockdown frames, stackable refuse and recycling containers (for material segregation), kerbside recycling bags, bin housing units and bulk orders of compost bins and ancillary supplies for compost bins.

Looking for the full framework offering? Sign in and take a look at our User Guide here. If you don’t have an account with us, simply register for free.


What else can ESPO help you with?

Framework 860 is one of over 100 established frameworks and as with all of our frameworks they are completely free to access and easy to use. We have highlighted some other related solutions which may be of interest to your organisation and can help with your procurement needs:

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