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Promoting My School Fund to your school’s network

Promoting My School Fund to your school’s network

Promoting My School Fund to your school's network

The more people you can get signed up to My School Fund and linked to your school, the more your school can boost its budget to help fund additional resources. 


5 easy ways to promote your message: 

  1. At this time of year it’s a great idea to include information about your participation in the My School Fund scheme to your new student intake in September. Families will likely read through this information over the holidays and link to your school ready for when their child joins.
  2. Send information home with your existing students to inform their families. Doing so now could allow your school to take advantage of any spending that happens over the summer holidays!
  3. Put posters up in busy areas around the school so that parents and staff can see them.
  4. Embed a link to this free promotional video on you school’s website, e-newsletter, parent/staff emails and social media sites to help explain the process to others.
  5. Teachers, Governors and all other school staff can sign up and link to your school too. Include information in your staff updates and internal emails to let them know that they can earn cashback for themselves as well as benefitting the school.

Free resources

To download a whole host of free promotional resources online including templates, banners, videos, posters, leaflets and more, visit today!


Join our live webinar to find out more

For more ways to promote the My School Fund initiative to your school’s network of families and teachers, join us for a live webinar on Thursday 01 July.

Date: Thursday 01 July 2021

Time: 10:30am - 11:00am