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Procurement Act: Support and Training

Procurement Act: Support and Training

The Introduction of Knowledge Drops

Knowledge drops are a government set training initiative to assist in adapting to the new regulations by the Procurement Act 2023.  
The initial phase includes a range of videos aimed at all individuals involved in procurement processes to give them a better understanding and overview of the new regulations. 
The videos include a widespread of knowledge to guide contracting authorities, suppliers, SMEs and others through this change.  
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e-learning modules

In preparation for the new regulations launching in October, e-learning modules have been released to support procurement practitioners in implementing the new regime. The sessions are made up of 10 x 1 hour modules to provide staff with a deeper understanding of the act; covering areas such as the key changes, the competitive flexible procedure and how these updates will influence different phases of a procurement journey.

Once completed, procurement practitioners will receive a certificate and email signature badge.

More information about the training can be found through Government Commercial College, you can sign up to the website to find the e-learning modules and receive all the latest updates.